The Best Queening Chairs For Female Domination

What is queening?

The broader definition of queening is that it’s a more dominant form of face sitting. Where face sitting may be naturally part of a 69 position or a more standard form of oral sex, queening specifically reserved for domination and is often accompanied with a specific type of sex furniture to make the act more of a dominant and submissive action.

The reason why it isn’t just called face sitting is because it is directly aligned with an act of dominance and submission. More specifically, the act of a dominatrix who carries out this on her submissive.

The act itself is still a straddling form of facing, whether facing away from or toward the receiver of the ‘queening’ act. The reason why there are chairs is to make the position much more comfortable for the female, and they also introduce more of a BDSM element to the act.

This is because these chairs are often also suited for rimming and toilet play, therefore they offer those who want to explore queening the option to further delve into BDSM acts which may be a little more in the extreme side. For example, many of the chairs in this guide come with restraints, may be shaped like a toilet, or may be constructed in a way that the submissive may have to make the extra effort to ensure oral sex is maintained.

Either way whether it’s light rimming or vigorous queening, the chairs offer a fantastic way to explore this wonderful side of oral sex.

I want to try queening with my partner… Where do I start?

I’d recommend starting with the 69 position, and asking your partner to sit back so that the opposition turns into a face sit rather than a parallel oral sex act.

Also, be open about any of your kinks or aspects of sex that you want to try. They may not find the position or the act comfortable, and you need to communicate your intentions prior to engaging in any new position or method of sex.

With that being said, queening can be a lot of fun and these chairs are certainly worth a closer look. Here are some of my favourites that will leave a smile on the face of the person being sat on, and the person doing the sitting… Let’s begin!

Best For Beginners

Fetish Fantasy Sex Stool

Best Challenge

Dominix Deluxe Enhancer Chair 

Best Overall


My Favorite Queening Chairs & Stools (Tried & Tested!)

This gorgeous queening chair is just what you need, even if you didn’t know it yet. With a wooden base structure, covered in foam and finished in skai leather, it provides comfort suitable for long, long sessions. Skai leather is far easier to clean than real leather, meaning you can get as messy as you like without having to worry about the consequences.

The base plate comes in two different options, depending on how much space you have – one is larger and more stable, the other is smaller and sleeker, more suitable for wooden or other hard floors.

Both budget friendly and highly versatile, this sex chair makes a great option for those who are just starting to look into the field. The main frame is made from steel, so you know it’ll handle anything you can throw at it, and then you can choose between five different styles of covering.

Some of the coverings are more suited to wet environments, such as the TPU elastic option, while others have sponge wrapped in nylon, and should therefore be kept a little drier. It can take a weight of up to 150kg, so you know it’ll handle anything you can imagine!

Handmade in France, in a workshop near Lyon, this smother box is a thing of wonder. The box frame is made from locally sourced Fir wood, and the cushions are foam coated in faux leather, for easy cleaning when things undoubtedly get a little messy.

One person sits on top, with their hands grasping the levers, and then can notch the face of the person laying below higher and higher, until it can ascend no more. The box takes about two minutes to put together and requires no tools, just the provided wing nuts.

Simple yet formidable, this queening stool could be just the thing you needed. The wood used is a gorgeous English oak, stained red and varnished to ensure that it lasts as long as it can. The wood top sits on a solid, hand forged steel frame, which is both heavy and strong.

There are three tethering loops on the bottom to enable your restraints of preference. The overall aesthetic is clean and simple, and it would honestly look great in any bedroom, even a dining room if you’re feeling brave!

For those who prefer an all black look, this chair could encapsulate perfection. Made from a black painted wooden frame, the curved foam seat is topped in genuine leather. The dull brass rivets are the only non-black part of the chair, and they accentuate the leather wonderfully.

Beneath the opening, a leather cradle sits ready to support the head of whoever lies beneath, with four buckles attached to adjust the height. It really is a beautiful piece of furniture, great for the aesthetically inclined who don’t want an eyesore in their room.

If you’re space conscious and want something that can pack down super small, this may be ideal. It’s a little fiddly to take to bits, with one bolt per leg, but if space is at a premium and you don’t mind spending two minutes getting it ready each time, it could be ideal!

You can choose from various foam options, and a number of colour and material options, including black and red in vinyl and even real leather. It sits at 36.5cm in height, and if you need to raise your head a little you can always use a cushion or padded block.

The red and black colour scheme on this thing is absolutely popping. The frame is made from aluminum, making it both strong and lightweight, and the genuine leather top and accessories will only get softer with time. There’s a leather cradle to support the head beneath the seat opening, and four leather strap restraints to be used as you see fit.

The leather cradle is height adjustable, meaning your partner can’t complain about a tired neck – pull them up nice and tight and enjoy for hours and hours of fun. The makers say on their site that if you’d prefer faux leather, just reach out and they can arrange it for you!

Another great compact option, this queening stool might be small but brings large amounts of pleasure. The frame is made from wood, and the whole thing is covered in a highly water resistant faux leather, with two inch foam padding on the seat area.

It’s very low to the ground already, so the person below shouldn’t need their head lifted at all – if they do, a very small cushion or layered towel should do the trick!

Constructed using solid wood and genuine leather, this represents a truly premium queening chair option. Mostly in black, the brass and steel colours shine through, as do some brown and red threads and detailing.

The overall effect is one of class, with the leather incredibly plush yet solid, and the wood construction illustrating the impressive attention to detail. It would make a great gift for your significant other – I have no doubts that they would be massively appreciative, and may even let you have a go on it!

Last but not least, we have a queening chair that exemplifies comfort. Handmade with a wooden frame, the chair itself has two inches of foam padding coated in water resistant vinyl fabric for easy cleaning. Unlike the other options reviewed above, this chair has a back as well, meaning the person seated will be in even more comfort!

The seat itself has a wide cutout, allowing your face to get right up and in there, for unlimited access. This really is a comfortable beast, that will bring with it hours and hours of pure titillating pleasure.

Advice for beginners 

Queening is relatively simple – one individual suspends their genitalia above their partner’s face, using their nose, tongue, and lips for sexual stimulation.

All of the queening chairs listed above make this process a little more exciting, a little more complex than simple face-sitting. Some of the chairs are as simple as described above, while with others you can introduce restraints and the like – some even have built in straps! You can use queening chairs in combination with whatever other toys you like, to help you have the time of your life.

If you’re going rough, be sure to have safewords and check on your partner – you don’t want anything to go wrong in the heat of the moment! 


A lot of the items reviewed above are handmade, some to individual specifications, and hence the price reflects this level of personalisation.

There are also more standard, cheaper options should you just be getting into it, and don’t quite fancy committing large sums of money for a custom piece. Option number 2 is a great budget option if you find cost a barrier to buying a queening chair! 


Queening can get quite messy, in fact in many cases it’s a sign you’re having a good time. As such, it’s important to keep things sterile between uses.

With the real leather and wood options, you’ll want to make sure that you use appropriate cleaning products – plain wood and leather are delicate things, and need treating with respect. Metal and faux leather are a fair bit more sturdy, but if you’ve bought an expensive piece, you still want to be sure you’re not going to taint it with the wrong sort of bleach or what have you! 


Most of these chairs are reasonably large, and you’ll struggle to hide them – if you’re going to get them, either make sure you’re comfortable treating them as a part of the furniture, or have a separate room for all your sex pieces.

A couple of the chairs are small, or can be taken into different pieces – these are obviously easier to store, and could fit in large cupboards or even under your bed, if it’s high enough. A lot of them are so well made that I’d be proud to have them on display, but it’s a matter of personal preference – some of us prefer to be a little more discreet with our private lives, and that’s fine too. 

Recommended for

While queening is where a woman receives sexual gratification, the same physical act exists for men as well, it’s just called (you guessed it) kinging, or face-sitting for gender neutrality. As such, these chairs are suitable for anyone with genitalia and a desire to be pleasured.

If you’ve tried face-sitting and want longer, more intense sessions, then these chairs might be a great option for you! You and your partner can take turns on top, making the most of the beautiful act.


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