The 10 Best Sex Cushions & Pillows For Couples

What exactly is a sex cushion, wedge or pillow? 

Buckle up… you’re about to unlock a fantastic new world of part sex furniture, part classy home decor. 

All jokes aside, a sex cushion is exactly what you’d assume it to be. There are however a couple of differences between the types: 

  • BonBon – This is commonly the type you sit on and it will either have a vibrating toy or thrusting dildo atop of it, hence the sex angle to this otherwise perfectly normal bit of furniture 
  • Sex Cushion – These are used for trying out new positions, so whether you’re injured and need extra support or simply want to take the press off e.g. when in missionary and keeping your legs above your head – a sex cushion or ramp can help 
  • Sex Wedge or Pillow – Same as the cushion but again it’s more specifically created to provide support. The same goes with the pillows, and what I’ve even added to my ten favourites is a waterproof pillowcase. You don’t realise you need one until you try squirting and then…whoops…off to the shops I go! 

I can bang on all day about these incredible sex toys and/or pieces of furniture (however you want to class them), so let’s just get into some of the best. 

Best For Beginners

BangOn Small Wedge Sex Cushion

Best Challenge

Liberator BonBon

Best Overall

BangOn Flip Ramp Sex Cushion

My Ten Favourite Sex Cushions, Pillows & Wedges For Couples

Kicking off this compilation, we have the Liberator Jaz, a simple yet incredibly effective sex cushion. 

The microfibre cover can be removed when you want to wash it, and with each wash it’ll get a little softer and more supple. It’s a small cushion, but incredibly effective for slotting in there to get just the right angle. 

It also comes with a position guide, in case you need a little more inspiration to use your new cushion! It really is worth its weight in gold, and lets you actually enjoy those positions which normally feel like unnecessary ab workouts.

You can have the nicest pillows in the world, but just a few seconds of messy sex and it could be ruined forever. A great way to protect your favourite pillow is through the use of a waterproof pillowcase. 

This one is made from two ply polyurethane fabric, which is both breathable and fluid proof, allowing for messy and stress free sex! It’s machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about stains, just chuck it in and you’re all good. You can get it in black or white, and in either standard or king sizes!

Nothing quite says ‘let’s get down to business’ like a massive heart shaped sex cushion. This gorgeous sex pillow is both pretty and practical; the velvet like cover is super comfortable against the skin, and will really add to the décor of your bedroom. 

The wedge shape allows for a whole host of comfortable sex positions, and really helps with achieving deeper penetration. Those who have used one will know what all the hype is about, they’re really quite incredible, and so so much more than just a cushion.

Most sex cushions are designed for use with a partner, but not this one. Spice up your solo sex life like never before with the BonBon, and ride it to new heights of pleasure! It can hold dildos or vibrators even if they don’t have a base, simply pop them in, lube up, and hop on! 

The microsuede cover is incredibly comfortable, and feels amazing as it rubs against your thighs. If you’re getting bored of tired arms and hands from using your sex toys the old way, give this thing a try – you won’t be disappointed.

This gorgeous loveheart sex cushion might just be the thing you didn’t know you needed. The lovely red velvet cover looks amazing, and can be taken off for machine washing if it gets a little too dirty. 

The foam is high density, providing true support when you slide it under your hips to get that extra bit of penetration. It doesn’t look out of place at all, and can be left out on your bed no matter who’s visiting – if they work out what it is, I’m sure they’ll want one as well.

This sex cushion takes things to the next level, facilitating all sorts of fun. It’s extremely well made, and the soft velvet cover can be taken off for machine washing to keep it in top condition. 

The ramp is more than your traditional wedge, and can be flipped around to explore with new positions. The two parts can be folded together, to make a box shape, which can then be left on the floor and used as a stool! The internal foam is reasonably hard for support, while still remaining comfortable.

Another wonderful sex cushion from BangOn, this subtle adaptation of the common sex wedge is wonderfully effective. There are no sharp corners, meaning it can be flipped any way round and still be comfortable! 

There’s a moisture resistant inner meaning you don’t have to worry too much about getting it wet and dirty, and the cover can be taken off to wash it. The soft velvet material is incredibly comfortable, and each time you wash it, you’ll notice it gets softer and more supple – it really does age well.

If you’re a big fan of traditional sex wedges, but find them somewhat too small and limiting, this may be ideal for you. It features a small and a large wedge, which when combined, can be flipped about to facilitate a staggeringly broad selection of positions! 

As with BangOn’s other cushions, the velvet cover is machine washable, and wonderfully comfortable. The foam is of a very high quality, and unlike the cheap wedges out there, will last for years and years while still providing that high level of comfort and support.

Sometimes, simpler really is better, and that’s certainly the case with this sex wedge. It’s far larger than your average cushion, and really provides that extra level of height and support you sometimes need to get stuck into a new position. 

The angle has been optimised by a team of experts to fit the widest possibilities of positions and body types possible, and they’ve certainly done a good job. It also features a handy moisture resistant lining, which means that lots of lube and other fluids won’t ruin it like they might spoil a cheaper, less well-designed wedge.

To cap things off, we have this absolute classic design from BangOn. The saying goes that if it’s not broken, why fix it, and that definitely holds true for this creation. A small wedge is often all you need for that extra bit of support, but even if it’s small, you still want something that’s well thought out and well made. 

Made to BangOn’s renowned high standards, with a water resistant liner and machine washable velvet cover, treat yourself to this wedge and you’ll thank yourself for years to come.

Buying advice for couples 

How to use

While sex cushions are relatively simple pieces of kit, they can provide near endless variety to your sex life. Some of the cushions come with little guides, but there’s also a whole host of additional information on the internet, whether in helpful blog posts or in porn!

If you want to spice things up, a cushion can open the door to a whole world of possibilities, you just need to walk through it and get creative. Don’t be afraid of failure, you need to try new things in order to have as much fun as possible, or you’ll never know what you’re missing out on!


There’s a fair bit of variety in terms of price, but in general, the higher quality pillows and cushions that will last you ages are a little pricey.

They will however last you for a long time, and provide you with near endless pleasure! If you split the cost with your partner, it’ll be half as painful, and give you a sense of co-investment in your future sex life. There are also cheaper options which can be worth it, but you do get what you pay for.


Cleaning your sex pillows and cushions is very important, and luckily, most of the options above make it very easy for you. Simply take the covers off, pop them in the washing machine, and wash them at 30 degrees.

These are general guidelines, but always be sure to check the instructions to see if there are any specific care requirements. Cleaning the foam is harder, but most of them should come with a water-resistant inner lining, which should protect the foam from most spilled liquids.


These cushions and pillows are obviously a lot larger than other sex toys like dildos and butt plugs, so storage is a little different.

They won’t fit in drawers or small boxes, so the easiest solution is to keep them either on your bed or underneath it. If you have a large cupboard in your room, that could also be suitable! They don’t stand out like other sex toys though, so even if you’re a little shy about that side of things, people won’t generally notice them, and you can just say they’re for back support if they ask, which isn’t necessarily a lie! 

Recommended for 

Honestly, absolutely anyone can benefit from these cushions.

No matter how inventive you think you are with your sex life and positions, a cushion can make things easier and more accessible for you.

They facilitate deeper penetration, and allow you to actually relax into the position you’re in, not struggle against gravity like some wonderful workout. Sex can be hard work, but it shouldn’t be harder than it has to be. If you’re yet to try one out, give it a go, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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