The 10 Best Sex Toys for Pain Sensation and Sensation Play

Why would you want to buy a sex toy that gives pain instead of pleasure? 

I think for a lot of these toys, ‘pain’ is too strong of a word. Yes, any toy used with enough force can inflict pain, but ‘pain’ in this context is related more to a controlled sensation rather than trying to make yourself (or your partner) legitimately suffer. 

And, ultimately, that’s the thrill of these toys, and largely the thrill of BDSM to a wider extent. You’re experiencing different sensations, some of which may be mild, controlled pain, in a thrilling and safe environment. It’s an incredibly pleasurable way to push your boundaries and explore a whole other side to sex toys. 

What types of toys are classed in the ‘pain’ or ‘sensation’ category? 

I suppose you could class any dildo or vibrator as a toy providing a ‘sensation’, but in this case, we’re talking specifically about some of the quirkier toys that are not necessarily your standard silicone construct to squat on! For example, in this guide you’ll see toys like: 

  • Paddles – Spanking/Dull Pain 
  • Toys emitting an electric current – Quick pain/Shock
  • Scratchers & Pinwheels – Slow sensation/Scratching Pain
  • Hoods & Masks – Sensory Deprivation Sensation 

As you can see, these toys provide pleasure in a totally different way to the classic toy. 

Can a beginner use these toys? 

Absolutely! If you’re new to toys or are worried that they look more like medical devices from Hostel than they do something that would bring you to orgasm, don’t worry – I’ve compiled a beginners guide at the end of this article for everything you need to know about your first foray into pain plain. 

Best For Beginners

ElectraStim Bi-Polar SPanking Paddle

Best Challenge

Master Series Sensation Pinwheel

Best Overall

Doc Johnson Stinger Electro Play Wand

My Ten Favourite Pain & Sensation Sex Toys

As Britney would say, “hit me, baby, one more time!” That is what you will be screaming when you and your partner try out this ElectraPaddle. With 9 inches of bum tingling fun, you can use this paddle in a typical manner with the board and some spanking strength, or add some electrifying fun!

The paddle gives you three metal contact strips that, depending on your pain threshold, once plugged in, you can try different levels of electric currents to give your sex life the thrill you are looking for. We are all up for some zapping pleasure, but please don’t use this near your chest or nipples as we want your heart racing to be racing, not stopping altogether!

Are you feline kinky? Do you want to make your partner purr? This Cat Claw Scratcher will get them feeling paw-some! With its unisex, one-size-fits-all design, no matter the size of your finger, you don’t have to worry about not fitting. You will have hours of scratching fun!

Awaken your nerve endings with the twin spike shape and a metal claw ring to give your partner the ultimate meow-villous sensation and have them purring (or moaning) for more! The matte black colour helps make this claw scratcher the perfect addition to your bondage and dominatrix box.

Are you wheely horny? Is your head spinning with excitement? Then the Fifty Shades Darker pinwheel is for you! If you are like Christian Grey and hunger for a mixture of irresistible pleasure and pain, the pinwheel will give you just that.

With tiny prongs that roll around on all your nerve endings, this pinwheel will provide you with the prickly, adrenaline-filled fantasy of your dreams! There is no limit to where this wheel will roll, from your toes to your scalp and everywhere in between; this pinwheel can take you on a kinky adventure, making you tingle and squeal in all the best ways.

You’d be cupping mad not to try this Deluxe cupping set! We have all heard of cupping as a massage technique, but how about adding a BDSM twist? By placing these cups on your sub, it will give them increased sensitivity and 4-inch deep gratification throughout their body, giving you plenty of sensitive areas to tease and play with.

The cupping set works by drawing blood up to the surface of your skin, leaving the body swollen and your sub with marks just like a hickey to show that they are yours! This set can be used pretty much anywhere around your body, so placing them on an erogenous zone like the clitoris will leave the area buzzing with nerve ending excitement.

This pinwheel may be small in size, but it is mighty in pleasure! This pinwheel is excellent for beginners, with 20 plastic spikes that roll around your body to create a tingling sensation. The plastic spikes are a little less intense than their metal counterparts, but don’t mistake them for less excitement!

This compact pinwheel is perfect for some head-spinning nights out, as it can be concealed discreetly, ready for a rock and roll night of passion! So get your kink on with this wheel of prickly sensations.

People say, “love starts with a spark”. Well, you can do that with the Electro Play Wand. Give your lover the exciting shock of their life with tiny sparks of electricity zapped onto their skin. With a similar design to a cattle rod, you have an insulated handle to provide a good grip and control of this magical wand.

This wand is an excellent shortcut to experiencing the best sensation of your life! It even has visible sparks to ignite your night, and with audible cracks, it gives you the whole electric experience.

Wax on, wax off with these fabulous candles; you can live your BDSM fantasy and drip this on your partner, giving them an orgasmic mix between pleasure and pain. These candles are designed to be hotter than your regular massage candles so that you can get ultimate satisfaction with every drip. Not only that, but they even leave a temporary stain on your lover’s skin to really mark your dominance and make them yours.

So get your candles lit and get pouring because these bondage candles are the best addition to your toy box!

See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. This deprivation hood is devilishly good and will help your sub achieve complete isolation and major satisfaction all at once. This hood blocks your vision and hearing and even has a mouthpiece that will only allow you to moan or mumble.

Not only will this hood give your dom control over your senses, but there are also rings around the collar so they can attach ropes, leashes or any other bondage items to have total domination over you. Deprivation hoods will heighten all your other senses giving your body an ultra-orgasmic experience.

Get a grip! No, literally! With these young forceps, you can have a full grasp of the most sensitive areas of your lover. With a textured end, these forceps give you a unique feel as you pinch and twist. Shaped like a pair of scissors, the young forceps are very easy to handle, giving you the proper control at all times.

A classic toy to add to your BDSM toy box and dungeon, it may be small, but it will pinch your full attention! So get your tweak on with these forceps.

Do you want to play a game? How about a game where you get to play the roles of dom and sub? Well, this game is for you. With this bondage game, you get lots of fun and kinky toys to play with, from handcuffs to a feather tickler, perfect for any beginners who want to delve into the BDSM world in a fun and lighthearted way.

The game works by offering 23 sexy scenarios where either one of you could be the giver or receiver. Perfect if you are new to the dom and sub dynamic and want to try out both, this game is great for a bit of naughty fun!

How to Use Pain and Sensation Sex Toys –  Beginners Guide 

The rule with pain and sensation play is that you need communication, have open dialogue throughout and make sure even in dom and sub roles, you have respect for each other’s limits. You need to have a “safe word” in place if you have had enough or are in too much pain. 

With the electrical items, make sure that they are well serviced and are working correctly because you could cause actual harm to the other person or yourself otherwise.


Prices vary with these sensation and pain toys. For example, the deprivation hood is £95.99, but the young forceps are just £15.99; it just really depends on what you are looking to add to your BDSM collection. 

The price points are higher too because you also have to factor in quality as well. Many of these toys are made with the highest quality materials and fabrics to give longevity, especially if you clean them thoroughly after every use, you will get what you pay for.


When cleaning these pain and sensation play toys, you need to be careful when dismantling and cleaning the electrical equipment. For example, with the Electro Play Wand, you need to ensure the batteries are removed and the wand is turned off before you start cleaning; not doing so could ruin the electronics. 

You can use different cleaning methods to clean your toys correctly; these could be:

  • Alcoholic wipes,
  • Sanitising tablets,
  • Good old, warm, freshwater


Storing your toys correctly is just as important as cleaning them; this is to ensure they last a long time, and you can get complete gratification with them with every use. With certain toys, such as the Electro Spanking Paddle, making sure it is turned off and put away safely is essential to ensure it is kept in top condition and won’t be faulty or cause serious injury.

Recommended For 

Whether you are a seasoned BDSM pro or a newbie looking for a cheeky spank but not sure where to look, these products are available for all on the kinky spectrum. Maybe, you and your partner want to try out more dom and sub play, or perhaps you have a human pet already that needs accessorising.

Like KinkyGuy1995 says, “I am a bisexual male, 26, and my partner is a straight female, 23. We’re into BDSM and have started exploring more with pain as of recent (nipple clamps, nipple suckers, flogging, riding crops etc.) and we love it; so decided to give a pinwheel ago! We would definitely recommend it, even if you’re just starting to experiment with pain/BDSM as it’s not too sharp to start with, and you can build up to using more pressure.”

No matter your sexual orientation, gender or experience level, as long as you are safe and the toys you are using are safe, you can have a lot of fun. Remember, folks, safewords are important!

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