The 10 Best Speculums for Spreading & Stretching

What is a speculum? 

A speculum is commonly a medical device used for analyzing the hollow part of the body. For example, utilizing a speculum as part of a vaginal exam in order to be able to see and diagnose adequately.  

So, what business does it have on this site? What’s the purpose of it as a sex toy? 


Why are speculums used as an adult toy? 

In the same way that a speculum is essentially used for stretching for deeper analysis in a medical sense, the same approach can be used for sexual exploration.

For fans of stretching and gaping, a speculum is used as a spreading device that not only assists in a slow gape of an orifice e.g.the vagina or anus, but also allows the user to retain the gape or ‘spread’ due to how the device is built. 


Are speculums safe to use? 

Like any item used for medical sex toy play, you can absolutely use a speculum safety. However, you need to do your reading – I’ve provided a breakdown at the end of this guide on exactly how you can use this type of item safely for sex purposes.

Before that, I’ve put together a breakdown of ten of my favorite speculums, ranging from those that are ideal for beginners to those with a speculum collection at home looking for their next medical fetish challenge.  Let’s have a look. 

Best For Beginners

Extra Large Lubricant Applicator 0.5 fl oz

Best Challenge

Bondage Boutique Steel Vaginal Speculum

Best Overall

DOMINIX Deluxe Penis Plug with Glans Ring

My Ten Favourite Speculums for Spreading & Stretching

Fall hook, line and sinker for this small anal hook! Perfect for our experienced anal players, this top quality metal hook features a devilishly delightful 3.5-inch ball that will spread and stretch your anus to orgasmic levels, pinpointing your P-spot precisely.

For our BDSM fans, this hook is an excellent addition to your dungeon and mixed with bondage and restriction toys; you will have a fiendishly good time!

Get your latex gloves and your doctor’s outfit because this vaginal speculum is fantastic for your medical play fantasy! Stretching your vagina as part of roleplay, BDSM humiliation, or to get a better view and access to your lover’s G-spot, this steel speculum is made from medical grade steel to allow you to be pulled and stretched as much as you desire!

Turn the heat up or cool it down by experimenting with temperature and make your sub beg for more as you chill their insides or warm them up until they explode with anticipation.

For our BDSM pros out there, this medium anal hook will be perfect for your collection and the best addition for predicament play! Take complete control of your sub as they are positioned precisely to your liking, ready and waiting for their anus or vagina to be fondled how you want.

To add even more control, why not attach ropes or a leash so that it gratifies your sub every time you move, walk or even speak! The large, firm ball gives your sub an intensely pleasurable experience and pushes precisely onto their P-spot.

Get ready for BDSM play with this lubricant applicator, and get turned on during the application with the slim and smooth syringe applicator. With five inches to use, you will have plenty of syringes to plunge inside your sub to get them ready for domination!

It is perfect to use in places of the body that don’t naturally lubricate on their own, like the anus, so they stay lubed up all night long. This lubricant applicator is essential to your toy box and will become your new favourite.

If you want to upgrade your BDSM play to something a little more elite, how about trying this Double-Ended Penis Plug. This dilator will stretch and spread your urethral opening with a perfectly weighted ribbed design. With a bit of help from our friend, gravity, it will slowly fall inside your penis, rubbing you internally with maximum intensity.

This dilator is not for the faint-hearted and is for those looking for deep, intense gratification that they won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Play out all of your fantasies with this very sexy fisting mitten! From puppy play to latex lovers, whatever your kink, this mitten will unleash them all. This fingerless mitten makes for the ideal fisting glove as you lube up and penetrate with ease, making your sub beg you for more!

For our puppy or pony play lovers, this mitten gives you the ultimate hoof to make your lover go “neigh” with glee! The latex is tight and restrictive and provides your dom with an excellent base to fist with. These gloves are an asset to your bondage box, and with a little talcum powder and love, they are easy to get on and off too!

Get plugged and teased all at the same time with this Penis Plug and Glans Ring. Be taken for the ride of your life and get locked and loaded with this ring as it inserts itself inside of you, giving you a whole world of unbelievable sensations.

Placed over your flaccid penis, the glans ring’s hinges will go around your cock to tease and tickle your frenulum. The penis plug then slips inside the urethral opening of your penis to unleash your nerve endings into ecstasy! This toy is also seen as a piece of jewellery and will have your lover swooning as you show off your new toy!

This dilator is for our experienced BDSM players who won’t tear up at the thought of placing 8mm of weighted steel down their urethral opening! Ribbed and ready, this double-ended urethral plug will spread and stretch your penis opening to delightful lengths to make your nerve endings scream with pleasure!

Let gravity take over as the weighted toy will plumate slowly inside of your sub’s penis, and to add even more sensation, give it a little twist and watch their face light up as they are filled with euphoric gratification.

Open wide and say “Ahhh!” because this speculum is ready to give you a full inspection! The Bondage Boutique Vaginal Speculum is a great medical play toy for beginners who want to try their hand at some spectacular fun! Made from plastic instead of metal and with one adjustable widening option, this speculum is the perfect toy to dip your toe into the spreading and stretching BDSM world!

Get up to 4 inches of widening with this speculum to have your lover beg for more as you have control over her vagina to tease or penetrate as you wish!

“The Doc will just have to do a little ‘inspection’”. Get into some authentic, sexy medical roleplay by using this anal proctoscope. Up to 3 inches long, this backdoor pleasure toy is perfect for beginners who want to be taken care of by their doctor!

This toy is made from medical-grade plastic, is easy to insert and will stimulate your P-spot to hospital standards! After using this proctoscope, you may even need the crash cart because it is so satisfying you may think your heart has stopped!

How Do You Use Speculums? Here’s what beginners need to know 

The first word is CAREFULLY. Yes, these are for intensifying your fun and making your sexual pleasures as kinky as possible, but they are not meant to hurt or harm! So please, make sure to communicate with your lover, make sure they are happy with what you are doing, or you have a safe word ready and waiting just in case. And please remember to use PLENTY of lube! 

Make sure all parties are having fun, and clean and store these toys carefully as they can cause injury and damage if not!



Prices will depend on what you get for your money and the quality of that sex toy. For example, the Bondage Boutique Steel Vaginal Speculum is $29.99, but you get medical-grade stainless steel and a toy with multiple adjustments. 

The higher the price, the better the quality and all of these hooks are designed with longevity in mind, so as long as you clean and store them correctly, they are toys you can reuse repeatedly.



With a lot of these speculums and stretching toys, they are made from metal and have adjustable screws and detachable balls and pieces on them, so be mindful of cleaning them thoroughly and detaching and reattaching everything properly; so as not to cause any injuries when in use! 

Cleaning your sex toys is extremely important; making sure that you wash them before and after use is also critical, and the general rule is if it goes inside you, clean it. It’s common sense, really, but just don’t get lazy with it and make sure to put as much effort into cleaning your toys as you would yourself.

Cleaning products you could use include:

  • Alcoholic wipes,
  • Sanitising tablets,
  • Good old, warm freshwater.



Storing your sex toys is just as important as cleaning your sex toys. Many sex toys come in boxes that you can use for storage, but make sure it’s clean and put them not just in a box and a bag to keep any dust or debris off the toys themselves. Also, ensure that they are adequately dried; otherwise, the toys can deteriorate.


Recommended For 

These toys are for our BDSM lovers, whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner looking into new things to try. These stretchers and speculums are perfect for you and to grow your kinky toybox! 

Like Andy said about the Penis Plug Double Ended Stainless Steel Ribbed Urethral Dilator 6mm, “I have used it a few times and love it. Use it when almost flaccid and will be hard in no time. Make sure to sterilize before using and use sterile lube. I was slowly using it at first, but after a short time could get the whole rod in. The ribbed side feels great and not something I would ever think I would get hooked on…but I did!”.

If you loved this breakdown of not only the best speculum for spreading but also how to properly use them, then you’ll no doubt also love similar guides such as: 



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