The Best Party Games For Swingers

Whether you have fresh pampas grass displayed in your window or an upside-down pineapple in your shopping cart, keep your eyes peeled for other swingers you can play with! 

But what kind of things could you play with your fellow swinger friends? Read on to find out some saucy party games you can get everyone involved in!

What Makes a Good Party Game For Swingers

The making of a good swingers game ensures that it will entice and arouse your fellow swinging partners. A swinger’s game is all about the tension and the foreplay. 

You don’t want to bring out a game if everyone is already naked and frisky. 

What makes for a good game is when you have made the connection, you are all up for something a little extra but may need something to entice you all further before getting into the act!

How to Stay Safe at a Swingers Party

If you are a beginner in the swinger world, here are some safety tips to bear in mind when stepping into a swingers party:

Take Your Time

There will be a lot going on from smells, sounds and different types of people. It can all get overwhelming, especially if you are new to swinging. So give yourself some grace and allow some time to acclimatise and settle in; it’s meant to be enjoyable, not frightening!

Stick to the Rules

Every swinger’s party will have set rules in place for just this reason, safety. So it is essential that you listen and respect the rules that are given out. Usually, the rules will include consent, safe words, what people like and dislike, and how far you can go with each couple participating.

Respecting Others

This sort of ties into the above statement. Staying safe means respecting other people’s boundaries and sticking to your own or your partner’s limits too. Everyone will have their comfort level, so it’s down to you to acknowledge those and be mindful throughout the whole party or session.


This may seem obvious, but protection is critical for a swinger’s party! Just because you may be friends with these people or know them from the swinging community doesn’t mean you know their STI status. 


So always use condoms, femidoms and other items of protection when having fun, and if you want to be extra safe, as part of your rules for a swingers party, ensuring that everyone needs to be tested beforehand is definitely something you are allowed to do!

What are the Best Types of Swinging Games for Novice and Experienced Swingers?

Now let’s get into the juicy stuff! Here are seven varieties of games that you can use to steam up the party with and get everyone in the mood!

1. Swap The Key

This brings back experiences from the early 1970s. Each pair should have a keychain that goes into a bowl for the key exchange.

After that, you search through and choose a fresh collection of keys. You attempt to make out with this couple. This turns it into an entirely random event, which may make some people more excited about it. 

This game can also eliminate situations like “I like her, but you’re interested in him.” People who participate in key swaps are open to the possibility of random hookups.

2. You’ve Been a Bad Girl

Have the men sit on their hands in a line of chairs while wearing blindfolds. The girls then pass by and play with each of the men for a predetermined amount of time, doing whatever they want or feel comfortable doing.

When the time is up, they move on to the next guy and continue to do the same thing.

After all the girls are done, the guys must decide which female is the “naughtiest” and attempt to identify her from the lineup. It certainly starts a party off the naughty way.

3. Behind Closed Doors

Uncertain of your desired hookup? Open to all potential outcomes? You can engage in some erotic activities behind closed doors, away from the prying eyes of other partygoers.

Each participant draws a number from a bowl (one bowl for males, one for women). The matched numbered pair selects an activity from a separate bowl.

Examples include kissing, grabbing above the clothes, erotic caresses, and teasing beneath the clothes.

The pair will have five minutes to perform their acts behind closed doors. They will emerge, surely looking a little flush, and a new couple enters.

4. Good Old Spin The Bottle

Tested and true, you cannot go wrong with a game of spin the bottle. But if you are unsure of the concept, you get your group to sit or stand in a circle, and you will have a bottle in the middle.

The first person will spin the bottle and wait for it to land on someone else. Your group then decides what actions you have to perform on each other.

Another way you can play this is by combining truth or dare with spin the bottle so that you can get some raunchy questions in there as well!

Overall, it’s excellent for beginners and old-timers and will definitely break the ice!

5. Naughty Dice

You can purchase exotic adult dice on Amazon or at any toy store.

Usually, two dice are included; one die has various body parts (head, leg, lips, butt, etc.), and the second die produces unique tasks (kiss, suck, stroke, etc.).

You will take turns tossing the dice and performing the act on the portion of the other couple’s body that the dice reveal.

You can get other naughty dice displaying a particular sex pose that you must mimic. These are great for those a little more experienced and looking for something wilder!

6. Vibrate Locate

It’s a fun game in which three or four gentlemen are given a small vibrator and asked to put it somewhere on their bodies.

Later that night, you tell the men to switch them on and inform the women that they must locate the vibrators without using their hands.

The women must then climb up and down the men’s bodies, pressing and grinding against each guy to find the vibrators.

Then you could turn it around and ask the men to look for the vibrators on the women.

7. Spicy Twister

Purchase a traditional Twister game. Then, get your group to alternate spinning and getting into positions, starting pretty tame and normal, right? Wrong!

When someone in that group eventually falls over, they must remove a piece of clothing (t-shirt, bra, sock, pants etc.), spin the wheel again, and rejoin the group.

This game continues until there is one person left with their clothing left on or until people start getting carried away and get into the main part of the evening!

If you want to do this as a little icebreaker and not the night’s main focus, you could have a countdown clock, and the people with the most pieces of clothing on at the end of the timer wins.

The great thing about this game is everyone can get involved and get into the mood!

Final Thoughts

We hope you have all the ideas you need to make a successful swinger party! These games are perfect for first-timers or seasoned pros, and they are an excellent way to get people talking, laughing and banging!


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