How to Clean & Dry a Fleshlight Safely

We completely understand that you love your fleshlight for the ridges, nooks and crannies and that orgasmically realistic feel. But those are precisely the areas that can get the most grubby.

After so many uses, your fleshlight will start collecting bacteria, whether from your dangly friend or the semen that came from them. 

So that’s why it is so important to look after your fleshlight. By cleaning and drying it properly, you can ensure continuous fun for many more years to come!

Correctly Cleaning Out Your Fleshlight

1. A Fleshlight comprises two parts: the sleeve and the casing.

The sleeve and the casing must be removed and washed separately. This isn’t an area where it is possible to cut corners because germs will develop in these tiny areas, and the entire toy can only be dried appropriately if separated.

The fleshlight case should be flushed with warm water. You can also use a gentle cleanser or mild soap, which is generally unnecessary but is a good precaution. If you use soap, properly rinse the casing out afterwards.

After washing or rinsing the case, put it down to air dry.

2. Place the sleeve under warm running water.

While the case of a fleshlight generally doesn’t require much cleaning, the sleeve most certainly does. 

First, thoroughly clean the sleeve. Hold it upright under a sink tap, so water can flow straight through the internal hole.

While you may be tempted to use the bathroom to clean your flashlight, consider the kitchen instead. 

Kitchen sinks typically have more pressure than bathroom sinks, and you’ll want as much water pressure as feasible for this process. There may be a lot of lube or sperm residue in a fleshlight and the more you can rinse out, the simpler the following cleaning stages will be.

3. Clean out the inside with your finger.

Because of the sensitivity of the material inside the fleshlight, you should avoid using a cleaning brush or even a cleaning cloth. Your finger is the best-recommended option to clean inside your fleshlight.

After you’ve rinsed your fleshlight:

  1. Cover the bottom with one hand to make a container that can hold water.
  2. Fill your Fleshlight about half of the way with tepid water.
  3. Add no cleansers.
  4. Place your other hand at the top. 
  5. Then, shake the fleshlight so that water is held within it and can be used to clean the inside. Many folds are inside a fleshlight, so you want the water to reach all of them.
  6. Finally, put one of your fingers into your fleshlights and circulate it again, attempting to get into any folds. 


Depending on the size of the Fleshlight and your finger length, you may need to insert a finger in the other end too. 

Lastly, rinse your fleshlight thoroughly under running water.

How to Dry Your Fleshlight Properly

Knowing how to dry your Fleshlight is almost as essential as understanding how to wash it. 

Mould can quickly develop on your Fleshlight if it gets slightly damp, which will ruin your toy. Fortunately, there are numerous methods for keeping your toy fresh and dry.

1. The Wire Hanger

Yes, wire hangers can be super convenient! The disadvantage of drying a fleshlight on a towel is that it takes a long time, and the water can start to collect inside the sleeve. 

Instead, use gravity to your advantage by hanging your fleshlight, and any excess water will drain out the bottom. 

To achieve this, twist the bottom of a wire hanger to hold the fleshlight, then hang the whole thing up to dry. Place the fleshlight to dry in a well-ventilated room.

2. Set it down on a pristine, dry surface.

While it lacks finesse, simply putting your freshly cleaned fleshlight on a dry surface should suffice. The critical point is that the surface is immaculate.

A helpful tip would be to place a newly washed towel on a clean surface, then put the fleshlight sleeve and casing on top of the towel.

The only issue is that it may take a long time to dry, so you must leave it overnight to dry completely.

3. Your radiator can speed things up.

If you have a radiator in your house, placing your fleshlight nearby can help accelerate the process. 

Once again, set up a freshly cleaned towel on a dry surface near the radiator and place the fleshlight on top of the fabric.

While your fleshlight can be left near the radiator, it shouldn’t get too close or be placed upon it. High temperatures can harm the fleshlight’s sensitive material or even burn or distort your toy.

The inside of your Fleshlight is the most difficult to cleanse and dry, but you should never roll it inside out. This could quickly destroy or tear your fleshlight, forcing you to buy a new one.

How Do You Get Rid Of a Bad Smell From Your Fleshlight?

While a smelly sex toy is unpleasant, what it represents is far more concerning. 

A pungent fleshlight indicates mould is growing somewhere in your toy, and you have two options when dealing with a smelly fleshlight.

First, you should give it a complete cleaning. Rinse everything thoroughly, and be sure to apply a fleshlight cleaner. Then air dries it thoroughly. 

This should help, and if it does, you should investigate how mould got in there in the first place. You may not have cleaned your toy entirely, or the location where you left it is too warm and moist. 

Consider the smell to be a valuable lesson to be learned.

The second option is to throw your Fleshlight away and try again. Yes, that may seem drastic, but mould is a huge issue. 

Let’s be honest: your penis is extremely sensitive. Do you want to put a part of yourself inside a sex toy rife with bacteria? Doing so would set you up for your very own viral infection!


Final Thoughts

As fun as fleshlights are, you have to be willing to clean, dry and look after it if you want it to last. You wouldn’t be lazy with your personal hygiene, so don’t neglect your fleshlights either! 


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