How to Make a Homemade Prostate Massager

Picture this: you are lying on your sofa, watching porn, and looking to get into some anal fun! 

You watch as the person reaches the ultimate P-spot orgasm and think, “I want a piece of that!” But you do not have a partner to shove a finger up there and tickle that precious prostate for you, so how can you achieve the big O? 


Well, how about making one yourself? There are plenty of things just lying around the house that are inexpensive to put together that can just as quickly get you one step closer to that glorious O!


Be Safe When Poking Your Prostate

Although stimulating your prostate is more than exhilarating and will give you the orgasm of a lifetime, when you decide what to use to get that feeling and how to achieve it, you have to consider your personal safety. 


When you are glueing, sticking or DIYing your homemade prostate massager, you must remember that it won’t be as “safe” as your tried and tested sex toys that you can buy from a legitimate sex shop. 

That’s why there will be some things to watch out for to keep yourself safe.



The type of materials you use is extremely important to ensure your safety because some materials may fray, break or splinter and the last thing you want is a thorn inside your arse! So being educated about which material will get to your P-spot without permanent damage is vital.


Allergic Reaction 

Just because your mouth isn’t ingesting anything doesn’t mean you can’t still get an allergic reaction from your arse swallowing your homemade toy. When creating your toy, make sure there isn’t anything on or within it that could cause an allergic reaction, leading you to a rashy bum or maybe even worse!


Size Does Matter

Your anal canal is only so big and is a very delicate part of your body, so make sure you are using plenty of lube, but also don’t go making or using a homemade prostate massager that is the size of your arm. Doing that will only be asking for tears and will be much more likely to damage your anal cavity. This will not lead to an orgasm but will lead you to an awkward A&E visit. 


Sturdy Base 

Creating a sturdy foundation for your homemade toy to be built on will help keep you and your butt safe! With a sturdy base, your arse can’t just suck up your toy and get it lost forever inside you. With a broad base attached at the end, it will not only stop your toy from going too far inside, but it also gives you, the user, the opportunity to safely remove it whenever you are done

Best Organic & Natural Lubes

Making Your Homemade Prostate Massager

Now you know what NOT to do when making your homemade prostate massager; here are some ideas for some toys you can create that will safely and accurately get to your P-spot and give you an orgasm to remember! 


Get Spooning! 

No, not that type of spooning! But go to your utensil drawer at home and pick your prostate weapon of choice. Using a spoon to scoop at your prostate is perfect because of the well-rounded shape and usually rounded tip at the end. You have multiple ways to spoon-feed your orgasm!


Phallic Shaped Fruit 

We’ve all seen the eggplant emoji, but what if you use those sturdy-shaped fruits and veg to reach your orgasm? Foods like cucumbers, carrots and bananas are great opportunities to get one step closer to that P-spot. With veg-like cucumber, you can cut it to size, so you don’t struggle to fit a full-sized vegetable up your arse! So next time you feel horny, go to the fridge or fruit bowl and go mad! 


Penis Mould 

If you don’t mind spending a little bit of money, invest in getting yourself a penis mould and literally make your prostate massager from your own penis! Penis moulds are designed to wrap around your boner and shape themselves to your manhood, and when it has set and dried, you will have created your very own massager without spending a fortune. 

The only downside to using a penis mould is the timing of creating it. You have to make sure you are mixing the moulding material and giving yourself a boner all at the same time if you want to have a successful mould of your penis. Timing all of this correctly will be quite a challenge, especially if you are on your own. But as the saying goes, “work hard, play hard!”

Shop Penis Moulds →


Electric Toothbrush 

Why only use your toothbrush to clean your teeth? That buzzing sensation is just going to waste on those pearly whites! Get that electric toothbrush handle up your anus and enjoy the pleasurable delights of the pulsating vibrations right up against your P-spot, making you never want to exclusively use your electric toothbrush for brushing your teeth again! 

From the buzz to the soft material, an electric toothbrush will give you that added tingle you might be looking for and will actually do some of the stimulating work for you instead of you having to struggle stroking your anus yourself.

Final Thoughts 

Well, what are you waiting for? A household full of orgasm opportunities is just waiting to get inside you! Now obviously, making your homemade prostate massager has its safety risks and, if not used correctly, could lead to potential damage to your anus. 

But if you are looking for a cheap thrill without the hassle of finding and buying an actual butt plug, you may be looking for a new way to achieve those glorious P-spot highs. Try using these suggested homemade toys that, if used sensibly, will give you those orgasmic delights you have been looking for!  

We hope this article has helped you develop some ideas on how to create your own homemade prostate massager successfully, and we hope you have the best DIY orgasms you have ever experienced!


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