Should You Put a Condom on Sex Toys?

The quick answer for you here is yes, you should use a condom on your dildos or larger sex toys in particular.

Traditionally condoms are used as a contraceptive during oral or penetrative sex, but actually, that’s not all they are capable of; oh no! Condoms are a helpful barrier between you and your sex toy. Now you’re probably thinking, “why the hell do I need a condom on my sex toy?”. Well, here are some reasons why for you to digest. 

Suppose you want to share your sex toy around with others during sex. In that case, many different issues can come up, one of them being Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), and that’s purely due to various bodily fluids that can be held within the actual sex toy itself. These fluids can transfer to the other person, even if you wipe them clean. 

So using a condom over the top can not only stop the spreading of potential STIs but even bacterial infections, which can be just as harmful to you and others. 

Having a protective layer over the top means you can whip it off and change it over in seconds after every use. You can continuously enjoy the toy together without the worry of infection in the back of your mind. Also, check the storage and cleaning instructions so you can best look after your toy even when using a condom over the top. 

No matter the size, shape or use of the sex toy, anything that is going to be used anywhere with a bodily fluid, it is advisable to put a condom over it even if you’re not doing penetrative sex. If someone has a cut, graze or wound in or around their vagina, anus, penis or just body in general, this could lead to severe infections transmitted if a condom isn’t used. 

When to Use a Condom on a Sex Toy

The general rule of thumb when using a sex toy with the intention of sharing it with others is always to use a condom every single time. This way, you get in the habit of using it as a fail-safe, but you also have peace of mind every time you have sex that you are doing everything in your power to stay safe throughout. 

This is a scarcely talked about subject because when you are taught about condoms, you are just told that it prevents pregnancies and STIs during penetrative sex between male and female and that just isn’t the case anymore. 

Regardless of sex, gender, or sexual orientation, people should be using condoms to keep themselves safe, even with sex toys. It’s a great way to enjoy your lover and have great safe sex but also saves you the hassle of scrubbing the toy for hours afterwards. Although a regular and rigorous cleaning and storage schedule is advised, thanks to the use of a protective condom, there isn’t going to be as much bacteria to wash away, which in the grand scheme of things saves you time and effort. 

So don’t be silly; wrap your silicone willy! 

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