Robo Fuk Adjustable Sex Machine Review

Wondering if the Robo Fuk Sex Machine is as good as the reviews say it is?

The first thing I thought of when looking for a sex machine was that, okay, they were expensive, but I didn’t anticipate for just how expensive they would actually end up being.

On the high-end you can easily end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on premium sex machines, so my immediate thinking is are these types of machines really worth that large of an investment?

Well, in a way, yes. Now, I’m not going to lie to you and say that any machine is better than the real thing. They certainly get close, but having had a healthy sex life with my partner for years I’m not going to pretend I’ll be ditching it all for an electronic alternative.

However, having said that… The Robo Fuk is a brilliant invention, and has kept both me and my girlfriend entertained for hours when one of us is away.

Below I break down my exact thoughts, pros, cons, and pointers on just how good the Robo Fuk is, and what my experience of buying (and playing with) sex machines in general has been like.


What’s great about the Robo Fuk is that it is a unisex sex machine, meaning that the primary function is to thrust, and not to be built around the usage of one toy e.g. it doesn’t just vibrate or pulse based on one certain form of sex toy.

This makes it great for couples and single users of any gender, as the thrusting motion is certainly a one-size-fits-all kind of function that can be applied to a multitude of different sex toys.

The machine actually comes with both a dildo and a masturbation sleeve, meaning that it’s out-of-the-box ready to go for whoever the user(s) may be.

The dildo has just over 7 inches in left, with a 5 inch girth to match. The sleeve, in contrast, has a whopping 9.5 inches of depth to ensure that no matter your penis size, you’ll be getting maximum pleasure from the sleeve.

Build Quality

If you’re paying a premium for a sex machine then you’re going to want a premium build quality as standard. What I immediately thought upon unboxing the Robo Fuk was the size.. it’s compact, but not in a bad way, meaning that it’s very easy to store under the bed or out of the way from prying eyes!

The machine itself has a 360 degree arm which rotates fully, meaning that you don’t have to contort yourself into weird positions to be penetrated… it does it all for you.

There are multiple speeds and pulses to choose from all controlled from a pad that is also built incredibly well, so it isn’t going to go flying out of your hand mid-session. The machine is also charged at the mains and has suction cups to ensure that, no matter how vigorous your thrusting or riding becomes, it won’t end up sliding about anywhere.


Considering the build quality, the features e.g. speeds and settings, and the fact that it comes with both a dildo and ‘pussy sleeve’, the price is incredibly fair.v


  • Comes with everything you need to get started. As an aside, I’d buy some more lube alongside the machine just to ensure that you’re not going to run out (as the dildo is quite girthy at 5 inches, and the sleeve obviously isn’t self lubricating).
  • Price is everything with the Robo Fuk, and reflects the premium build quality
  • Nothing to complain about with the build and features
  • Easy to store, nice and compact


  • More of a beginners sex machine. If you’re looking for a machine to really give you a challenge or a vigorous time then this isn’t the one
  • More expensive machines have a better build quality and a larger depth of features

Recommended For:

  • Beginners looking for a machine that can be used no matter the gender. Also for people who have wanted to experiment with a sex machine for a while, and want one that can easily be stored away


The Robo Fuk deserves all of the praise that it gets. From the build and size to the setting and price, it’s no secret that I’m a fan (and the Robo Fuk certainly gets its use in my bedroom!).

If you’re looking for more of a challenge with multiple toys and a huge variety of settings then you’re going to want to opt for a more expensive machine, but for beginners this is certainly one of the better entry sex machines on the market today.


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