Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump Review

Why is this stamina penis pump one to be aware of?

Penis pumps are quite simply great, they really don’t have many negatives. For erectile health, something even the most virile men need to consider at some point, they can often produce wonderful results. 

However, not all penis pumps are born equal, and some are most certainly more worth spending time and money on than others. The following review looks in a bit more detail at the EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump by Tracey Cox, to see if it’s worth having a little play with!



One thing that’s nice about this penis pump is the instructions it comes with. That might sound strange to judge a product on the leaflet it arrives with, but the step by step guide written by Tracey Cox is really quite nice, and shows a little bit of the after purchase care that so many products lack! 

Tracey Cox also has an app, which may help with motivation to continue using the pump, as it can be a little boring to continue using it without ongoing support and advice.

The pump itself is also excellent, which is great – a good guide without a good pump would be a little less that useful! Pumps are designed so that the vacuum they create increases and improves penis blood flow for healthier, firmer erections. 

The EDGE pump certainly achieves that goal; the attached pumping bulb offers gradual control over vacuum power, with an easy quick-release valve for safe control. 

The diameter is 1.25 inches, with an internal length of 8.5 inches, making it a suitable size for most men out there. The cylinder itself is transparent, with easy to read measurement markings on the side to track progression over time. The stretchy silicone sleeve at the base offers a comfortable connection to the skin, while ensuring that pressure is retained.

Results may vary of course, no two people are physically the same, so I won’t promise results for everyone who tries it, but if you’re willing to give it a go, I think this pump is a solid option.


Build quality

Very good! It’s latex and phthalate free, which is nice for anyone with allergies and just generally good for your skin. It feels solid, and should last for some time.



At $44,99, this penis pump is certainly one of the more affordable ones out there! With prices often ranging into the 100s or dollars, this makes a great entrance to the pump market, should this be your first one, or if you’re budget conscious and want to try out another quality option!


  • Great guide by Tracey Cox.
  • Good, solid design.


  • Honestly, none spring to mind.
  • A penis pump beginner user looking for a pump more specific for retaining and maximising erection time, and one that can also provide pleasure (however it’s a trusted pump from a premium manufacturer so one that can be utilised however you require). 


As far as pumps for beginners go, this is clearly one of the best. It’s low-cost, has multiple uses and more importantly you don’t have to read a giant how-to guide to find out how it works! 

If you like this review, check out our analysis of the Bathmate HYDROMAX7 pump too. 


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