Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator Review

Is this vibrator collab as good as it looks?

While for some people the general stimulation of a dildo or vibrator is enough, others need a slightly more localised and accurate approach to find real pleasure.

Sometimes these sex toys can be gimicky, while sometimes they’re pure strokes of genius.

This review looks at the Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator, giving an overview and seeing if it’s effective at that more precise approach to clitoral stimulation. 



The Pro40 is a collaboration between Lovehoney and Womanizer, two experts in the pleasure industry. What they’ve created together is a complex but highly effective stimulation device. A handheld device, it has a soft silicone cup which gently sucks the clitoris, all while providing gentle pulses.

With 6 different levels of intensity, you can build up as slowly as you like to your preferred intensity, with an appropriate pulse for almost everyone, from soft and gentle to more intense pulses.

The battery lasts for 240 minutes, which honestly should be more than enough for all users, and if you want to go beyond that you can stop for a much needed snack while it charges.

This kind of subtle toy is excellent for use with edging techniques, whereby you or your partner are brought as close to orgasm as possible before slowing down, waiting until you cool off and then building up again. This approach is subtle, and the toy is perfectly suited for it. 

It’s waterproof and submersible, so you can use it in the bath for some real quality me time – I find erotic moments in the bath are always nice, especially during the colder winter months. It charges with a USB cable, so no pesky batteries to replace.

Using a little water based lubricant will increase the pleasurability of its use. It’s quiet, subtle, and the results are simply phenomenal, and I certainly recommend giving it a shot.


Build quality

The quality is good, as you’d expect from these two industry experts. It is pricey, but it’s so much more than your average toy, and if you enjoy clitoral play, it will probably be incredibly effective. 



$119.99 may seem like a lot, but this is no blunt instrument, and the thought and time that has gone into its design make it worthwhile in my opinion. Add to that the impressive features and the 5-year warranty and it’s definitely worth the cost.


  • Subtle, intricate design with lots of features.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Very long battery life + completely waterproof. 


  • Too expensive and lacking power for some, although it shouldn’t be bought if you’re looking for a toy that is anything other than delicate and soft.
  • Someone looking for a subtle, titillating toy for careful and soft clitoral play. It might make an excellent gift for your special other, or you could treat yourself to some extra special moments! Either way, I think it’s hard to go wrong with this lovely little toy.


It’s the perfect kind of toy for discreet use. Topping the charts of my silent vibrator guide, as well as topping my list on clitoral stimulators personally tested, there really isn’t much I have to say to round this one off!


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