8 Best Realistic Dildos (most like the real thing!)

Wondering where to start with a dildo that's just like the real thing?

It’s actually quite hard to find the perfect realistic dildo for your requirements. Some are veiny, some are girthy… Some may be small, and others so large that they’re difficult to hide

I’ve written this guide based on my obsessive hunt for the perfect realistic dildo, and I hope it helps you to discover your perfect match too!

Best For Beginners

Blush Hard On Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 7 Inch

Best Challenge

Hung Rider Bruno Large Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 12 Inch

Best Overall

Doc Johnson Kevin Dean Realistic Vac-U-Lock Dildo 12 Inch

The 8 Best Realistic Dildos (2020 Data)

Kick-starting our most realistic dildo guide is the King Cock extra girthy realistic dildo – a toy that’s as girthy as it is long. This 9.5inch pleasure house is one of the girthiest options in this guide, meaning beginners should think twice before taking this beast to the bedroom. Having said that,if you feel you’re up to the challenge, the King Cock is not only one of the most realistic dildos in this list, but one of the most pleasurable too. 

For advanced users, the King Cock is the perfect bedroom accessory to help take play to the next level. With a hand-finished design that features subtly protruding veins and realistic skin folds, believe me when I say, the King Cock extra girthy really does feel like the real thing. King Cock have given this beast a ball-free design, concentrating largely on the shaft for a full 9.5inch penetrative experience. Whilst you’ll be able to enjoy everything this dildo has to offer with your partner, it does come with an extremely robust suction cup that makes solo play a whole lot easier too. The texture has also been well thought out, bringing a smooth finish to the table that’s great for anal and vaginal pentration. 

The King Cock’s impressive length is only matched by its huge girth – 8inches to be exact. I’ve had the pleasure of using this on a number of occasions and, trust me, it’s not for the faint hearted. Even intermediate toy users will have to work their way up to this stallion of a dildo.The King Cock Extra Girthy is going to fill you up so well you’re going to experience pleasure you didn’t realise existed – sorry boyfriends and husbands. But, as I just mentioned, it does take some working into. Just keep that in mind if you aren’t overly experienced but do plan on considering this toy for your next ride. 

As you can probably imagine, the King Cock Extra Girthy dildo isn’t the lightest thing on the market. Luckily, its design consists of high-quality materials that feel robust and fit to last. The suction cup is more than capable of holding this dildo in place, whilst also being a mounting point for harnesses and strapons. For me, I feel this would be the perfect gift for couples that enjoy pegging, a large girth, and a firm feel. Having said that, thanks to its goliath girth and unforgiving size, this dildo is going to far exceed many people’s needs. However, if you’re upto to the task, we feel this is one of the most realistic dildos in our guide.

Product Breakdown:

  • 9.5 inches of length, accompanied by 8 inches of girth
  • Balls-free design that allows for a maximum of 9.5 inches of penetration
  • Designed for advanced toy users only
  • PVC constructed dildo that feels slightly firmer than silicone alternatives


  • Hand-finished design that offers true realism and pleasure
  • Hugely impressive in both the length and girth department
  • Very strong suction cup allows for hands free or harness play
  • Extremely life-like in looks and feel


  • Not overly veiny
  • Some people do not enjoy a balls-free design
  • Requires a liberal amount of lubricant

Sticking with the extra girthy theme, the next dildo in our guide is a bit of a fan-favourite around these parts. That’s right, it’s the Lifelike Lover Ultra realistic extra girthy dildo. Whilst this isn’t as girthy as the King Cock above, it still provides more than enough girth for the most experienced of users. 

Like we’ve said in previous articles, Lifelike Lover’s are a brand we respect around these parts, mainly because they provide well-designed toys at very affordable price points. Well, the Ultra Extra girthy dildo they offer is no different, coming to the table with a super-realistic design that feels (and looks) as good as the real thing. 

This dildo comes equipped with a whopping 10inches of shaft length, a 7-inch girth, and a veiny design to ensure your deepest needs are met. Whilst this probably isn’t the best option for newcomers, it will certainly serve you well if you’re already experienced in toys and want a dildo that’s going to push the boundaries a little further. 

Lifelike Lovers have given this dildo a balls-free design that allows users to penetrate all 10-inches of this dildo inside themselves. The veiny finish given to its exterior can easily be felt during penetration thanks to its protruding profile, adding even further pleasure to the already intense experience. The head has been given a bulbous style that helps maximise the pleasure this dildo provides upon entry, whilst the length finishes the job by reaching places you probably didn’t know existed. 

As far as support is concerned, the suction cup at the bottom is strong enough to withstand even the most vigorous of playstyles. And whilst it can stick to almost any surface, it also doubles up as a harness mounting point (via 2.25inch O-ring) – ensuring both you and your partner get the fill you require. Like all larger dildos, this one isn’t the lightest toy you’ll ever pick up. However, thanks to the quality design Lifelike Lovers have implemented, you’ll have the confidence to use this toy to its maximum potential. 

So, whether you’re looking for a big toy that offers fantastic solo fun or fancy taking couples pegging to the next level, the Lifelike Lover dildo is a great choice for those that can handle its meaty girth and impressive size.

Product Breakdown:

  • A 10inch by 7inch design that is perfectly proportioned for a life-like feel
  • Balls free design allowing users to penetrate upto 10inch of shaft
  • A truly realistic design that can be used in a number of different play scenarios
  • Recommended for advanced users that have experience in girthy dildos


  • Nice design that feels both firm and filling
  • 10inches by 7inches for a truly breathtaking experience
  • Suction cup is very strong and supportive
  • Protruding veins for additional pleasure


  • A ball-free design some people don’t enjoy
  • Can be a little too intense for some users
  • A decent amount of lubricant required

The first of the Doc Johnson dildos to grace this guide comes in the shape of the hugely popular Jeff Stryker Cock and Balls Realistic 9inch Dildo – try saying that after a few wines without slurring your words. This homage to the muscle-packed porn superhunk, Jeff Stryker, is a super-accurate recreation of a package many have come to know and love thanks to his lustrous porn career. With design traits that are suited to both solo and couples play, this well-proportioned dildo is the perfect choice for intermediate to advanced users.

The Jeff Stryker replica, as we’ll call it, comes equipped with Jeff’s signature banana-bend curve that helps individuals reach places they probably haven’t experienced before. The life-like design, accompanied with testicles and rippled skin, provides realism of the highest quality. Trying to keep this dildo as true to the original as possible, Doc has incorporated subtle veins and a life-like texture that provides pleasure from base to tip. Furthermore, the soft plastic used within this dildo offers a slightly firmer experience over PVC, bringing slightly more realism to the table once again. 

Sitting at 7.5inches long by 7inches circumference, this dildo might be a little too much for some newcomers. Having said that, if you are looking for something to take your bedroom play to the next level, this could be the perfect step up needed for a more intense experience. 

Me and my partner have had the pleasure of using this on numerous occasions and I have to say, the proportions of this dildo feel absolutely fantastic. The suction cup at the bottom is fairly strong and is both Vac-U-Lock and harness compatible, meaning both myself and my partner could enjoy this realistic toy.

Ultimately, this dildo is designed for fans of Jeff Stryker. However, if you’re looking for a toy that offers a little extra girth and a shape that hits the G-spot everytime, then the Jeff Stryker replica dildo might be exactly what you need.

Product Breakdown:

  • A Jeff Stryder replica that looks and feels almost as good as the real thing
  • A fantastic alternative for individuals that enjoy a decent amount of girth, but don’t want the handsome length of say, the Lifelike Lover above.
  • Soft plastic design that provides a little extra firmness over PVC alternatives
  • Recommended for intermediate to advanced users


  • A well-proportioned dildo
  • Lots of length and girth to play with
  • Jeff Stryder’s signature banana-bend curve
  • Life-like design and texture
  • A strong suction cup for both solo and couples play


  • Only offers 7inches of penetration
  • May be a little too girthy for some newcomers
  • Going to make the husband feel inadequate in more ways than one

Next up is one of the biggest dildos in this guide, and another super-realistic replica brought to use by Doc Johnson. This time it comes in the 12inch shape that is porn stallion Kevin Dean – a name that many know and love around the porn industry. Whilst this dildo is one of the biggest in terms of length, it’s not so intimidating when it comes to girth – only measuring in at 6.75inches. And whilst that might still be a little too intense for some newcomers, it’s not nearly as large as some of the others in this guide. 

Whilst this dildo stands fully erect at 13inches, the Kevin Dean replica only actually allows for 10inches of penetration pleasure. The other 3inches are occupied by the life-like balls and the hugely supportive Vac-U-Lock suction cup. The testicles have a very life-like appearance and a firm finish that, if truth be told, feels amazing during solo use. Furthemore, the folded skin that they’ve been equipped with only adds to the intense levels of realism this dildo provides. The general makeup of this dildo is PVC, providing a firm feel but with more flexibility than the soft plastic toys in this guide. The super-realistic finish on this dildo has been designed with subtle veins and a life-like skin texture that really does feel like the real thing. Slather this beast with a tonne of lube and challenge yourself to all 10inches of Dean’s manhood.

As this dildo is a whopper, it does carry a bit of weight with it. That being said, the suction cup at the base does support the dildo extremely well – even in horizontal positions. We’ve had many positive reviews come in from individuals using this dildo for solo play, all of which seem more than pleased with the suction cup’s support. 

So, what we have here is a dildo that boasts a “best-of-both-worlds” design when referencing toys. Whilst it’s not overly girthy, it still offers a huge 13inches of length that should be more than enough to reach places you didn’t think existed. Be aware though, size and realism of this calibre do not come cheap. This is the most expensive in our guide and for good reason!

Product Breakdown:

  • Kevin Dean replica that looks and feels like the real thing
  • A well-balanced size that caters to both new and experienced users
  • Recommended for intermediate to advanced users
  • PVC makeup for a firm but flexible feel


  • Nice balance between size and girth
  • Life-like Kevin Dean replica
  • 10inches of penetration
  • Offers an approachable girth that shouldn’t be overly intimidating 
  • Good texture and great suction


  • Doesn’t have harness support
  • Requires a decent amount of lube during usage
  • Most expensive in this guide

Next up we have the Hung Rider Bruno Large Realistic 12inch dildo. If you aren’t quite ready to fork out the premium for Kevin Dean’s replica but still want all the length it boasts, the Hung Rider is an equally as impressive, cheaper alternative. This 12inch beast is everything you’d want from a large dildo. Its massive size paired with its filling girth make this the perfect all-rounder for the experienced toy users out there. And whilst it offers a similar experience to the Kevin Dean replica, it doesn’t come with such an eye watering price tag. 

This massive dildo comes to the table with a full foot of penetrative length. It’s extremely life-like texture pairs nicely with protruding veins and a bulbous head to give users the ultimate pleasure experiences. The balls that accompany the 12inch shaft only further the stimulation by hitting all the right spots just when you need it most. 

Whilst a lot of readers may find this dildo enticing, I can’t stress enough how large this thing actually is. If you’re a newcomer to toys, I would suggest steering away from something so intimidating. Even experienced users will have to work their way up to this goliath stallion. 

Having said that, if you do feel up to the challenge that is the Hung Rider 12inch, you will not be disappointed with the experience it provides. The suction cup provides ample support for both solo play and surface mounting. It also doubles up as a harness mount for adventurous couples wanting to take their cheeky bedroom fun to the next level. 

All in all, if you’re looking for a dildo that not only provides massive length and girth, but also showcases good value for money too, you really can’t go wrong with the Hung Rider.

Product Breakdown:

  • 12inches of penetration pleasure that caters to the experienced user only
  • A good balance between size and girth
  • Recommended for intermediate to advanced singles and couples
  • PVC makeup that offers life-like flexibility and firmness


  • Lots of penetration to play with
  • 12inches in length
  • Large 7.5inch girth
  • Protruding veins for added pleasure


  • Little too intimidating for beginners
  • A lot of lube required for use
  • Makes the husband feel inadequate

Moving away from the larger, girthier dildos, the next offering is probably something you’re a little more used to when referencing size – no offence lads! The Blush Hard On Realistic 7inch dildo is about as close to home as you’re going to get in this particular guide. With a complete length of 9 inches, this dildo offers 7inches of penetration and 5.75inches of girth – not only providing you with all the pleasure you need, but making your husband feel less inadequate too. 

The Blush Hard On comes to the table with an extremely life-like appearance consisting of rippled skin, a bulbous head, and subtly protruding veins spanning the entirety of its shaft. It’s size is a nice balance between pleasure and realism, giving both advanced and entry-level toy users a fantastic experience. Slather the PVC shaft up with a good splash of water-based lubricant and use every inch of this extermely realistic dildo for either vaginal or anal fun. 

The suction cup on the base is more than capable of holding this dildo in place, no matter what surface or place. Unlike some of the other dildos that grace this guide, the smaller design of the Blush Hard On allows you to mount this on both horizontal and vertical surfaces – meaning you’ll be able to take your fun to all kinds of new and exciting environments.

Like many other dildos in this guide, the Blush Hard On also comes equipped with a firm set of balls which allows users to get a more confident grip when entering into a solo session. Furthemore, when sticking this dildo to a surface, the balls act as an extra point of stimulation, hitting all the right spots just when you need it. 

Speaking of the suction cup, not only does it offer great support, but it also provides fantastic versatility too. The suction cup can be used with a harness for couple’s play (via a 1.75inch O-ring), providing a great starting point for those that want to give pegging a try. 

Overall, I’d have to say the Blush Hard On is a very well-rounded, extremely life-like dildo. Not only is this dildo going to provide hours of fun and exciting play time, but it also won’t be too hard on your back pocket either – mind the pun.

Product Breakdown:

  • The smaller design of this dildo offers a more user-friendly experience
  • Ample size and girth to be enjoyed with couples and solo fun
  • A great starter dildo for individuals looking for solo and couples fun
  • A soft plastic design that provides more firmnes than PVC


  • Not too intimidating in terms of size and girth
  • Firm balls for extra stimulation and grip
  • Great for advanced and entry-level users
  • An extremely realistic design
  • Good value for money


  • Only 7inches of penetration
  • Still requires a decent amount of water-based lubricant

The smallest (and probably most newcomer friendly) is the Foreskin Flipper Flexible Beaded 6.5inch dildo. This average sized dildo is great for newbies looking to get into toys and comes with a feature that none of the other dildos in this guide can boast – life-like moving foreskin! It may be the smallest dildo in this guide, but in terms of realism, the Foreskin Flipper is right up there with the very best. 

The Foreskin Flipper sits at a pleasant 6.5inches tall by 5inches around, making it the easiest to penetrate dildo in this guide. Whilst its size is something you’re probably more used to – no offence husbands – this dildo comes equipped with a feature that is designed to take your play to a whole new level. The foreskin offers a super-realistic design and is finished with a skin-like texture that, after reading a tonne of user feedback on, seems to be a nice balance between realism and exaggeration. It comes to the table boasting large veins and beads across the entire shaft, meaning users will be able to feel every inch of this thing as it slides in. The standout feature of this dildo, however, has to be the foreskin itself. It has been designed to move up and down the shaft like the real-thing, something only this dildo can boast in this best-of guide. My partner has used this on numerous occasions and, I’ll not lie, she is more than happy with the experience it provides. With a set of extremely firm balls at the bottom, this dildo is very easy to manipulate and grip. Furthermore, when this thing is stuck to a surface, the balls double up to help take stimulation to higher levels. 

Thanks to its lightweight design, the Foreskin Flipper is very versatile when it comes to what surfaces it can be used with. Whether you have tile, glass, painted walls, or any other flat surface, this thing will have enough support to handle the most adventurous of play styles. 

The only real downside to this dildo is its size. For some, 6.5inches simply isn’t enough for their needs. However, if you’re happy with a smaller size, or are relatively new to toys in general, this dildo offers a surprisingly exciting experience that you won’t be able to stop using. 

Product Breakdown:

  • An average sized dildo that offers a life-like feel
  • Moving foreskin adds more realism to this already great dildo
  • Soft plastic design that offers great firmness and flexibility
  • A nice starter dildo for singles and couples looking to get into toys


  • Size is not too intense for newcomers
  • Nice balance between size and girth
  • Suction cup is extremely supportive
  • Moving foreskin that feels realistic
  • Great value for money
  • Protruding veins for extra stimulation


  • Only 6.5 inches in length
  • Soft plastic is quite firm – not for all users

Finally, we come to our last entry in this best-of guide. It’s another hugely popular dildo brought to us by Doc Johnson, only this time it isn’t a pornstar replica. Unlike the previous two Doc Johnson offerings, the Perfect D is based on a more generic shape and size that many will be used to. Having said that, don’t let that put you off this dildo, it still brings endless amounts of excitement and fun to the table. Whilst we don’t usually like getting sucked into the marketing side of things here, I really feel the Perfect D could actually be the perfect all-round dildo for most people’s needs. And yes, that covers both vaginal and anal needs too!

This dildo comes equipped with a satisfying 8.5inches of length (7inches of penetration) and a 5.5inch girth, making the Perfect D neither intimidating nor too small. It consists of Doc Johnson’s premium real-feel ULTRASKYN material which, for many, is one of the best materials in today’s market. This dual density dildo offers a slightly bulbous head, life-like skin texture, and subtle veins that really do replicate the real thing nicely. Whilst this dildo isn’t a pornstar replica, it’s worth mentioning that the Perfect D was actually moulded from a real erect penis – making the overall experience feel even more life-like. 

With realism in mind, this dildo comes equipped with a set of firm balls that not only help with stimulation during solo play, but also aid in manipulation and grip too. Underneath the balls you will find the extremely versatile and supportive suction cup that sticks this dildo to almost any surface. That’s right, whether you’re looking to use this in the shower, on a mirror, or on a simple stool, you’ll have the confidence to do so thanks to this efficient suction cup. Furthermore, if you plan on doing a little couples experimenting with this dildo, using a 2inch O-ring will allow you to harness this bad boy up for even more adventure. We’ve had a tonne of positive feedback come from couples who use this for pegging and couples play – so keep that in mind if you are in the market for that kind of toy.

The bottom line is this, it’s quite hard to knock this dildo in terms of design and size. Whilst it’s not the biggest you’ll ever see, it’s by no means the smallest either. It offers plenty of pleasure and could be the perfect gift for newcomers looking to get into playful toys.

Product Breakdown:

  • Overall, a well-balance design that caters to both entry-level and advanced users
  • A life-like shape moulded from a real erect penis
  • 7inches of penetration accompanied by 5.5inches of girth
  • Designed using soft plastic, offerings slightly more firmness than PVC products


  • Realistic design that offers great stimulation
  • Comes equipped with firm balls for added pleasure
  • Bulbous head for a filling feel
  • Subtle veins that add to the realism
  • Suction cup allows users to mount this in endless positions
  • Harness support
  • Good value for money
  • Uses Doc Johnson’s ULTRASKYN material


  • Not the biggest dildo you’ll ever see
  • Soft plastic is quite firm in comparison to other materials


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