The 50 Best Sex Toy & Adult Christmas Gifts Ever!

Are you lost on what to get for your partner this Christmas? Maybe you’re considering a few gifts for yourself, and are edging (pun intended) towards a naughtier gift rather than a nice one? 

Whichever you plan on choosing, we’ve put together the definitive Christmas gift to sexy Christmas gifts. From dildos and vibrators to novelty adult fun and games to play with your friends, there is something for everyone in this guide that will be sure to leave a smile on your face when opening your presents this Christmas. 

You might want to keep these out of the way of visiting relatives though…

Stocking fillers

We get that you might want to buy a sexy or funny gift without spending a fortune. Luckily, we’re right there with you. These are 10 of our favourite Christmas stocking fillers that are nauhty as they are nice…

Kicking off the stocking fillers list is a vibrator that will fit as snuggly in your stocking as it will in your…well…

Whilst it’s fairly small at 2.25×2.5 inches, the Love Bullet seriously packs a punch. You can get up to 30 minutes of sustained vibrating fun and it’s built from a solid plastic, ready to withstand the inevitable overuse that you’ll be throwing at it.

You use watch batteries instead of recharging which is expected for a vibrator at a low cost, and the batteries last surprisingly a lot longer than you may expect. All in all, you’ll be buzzing if you found this as a stocking filler this Christmas!

Have you ever spent a fortune on sex toys and been sent a novelty book or pamphlet as part of a thank you? Just us? Well, the only reason I say this is because a lot of these types of books are often fairly underwhelming. With the guide to intimate massage, this is far from the case.

The book does exactly what it says on the tin, breaking down important massage techniques which provide as much relaxation as they do pleasure.

It’s a tiny book that is as perfect in a stocking as it is tucked away in a drawer for some night-time reading. You’re better off getting it here too because you probably won’t find it down the library!

The Lovehoney basics range is just so good. And this cock ring is another right at the top of my list. It’s small, powerful, and quite rightly earns the ‘mega’ title that has been thrust upon it.

With the jelly-like plastic construct, you can lube-up and stretch this over your scrotum, leave it mid-way down the shaft, or just wrap it around your balls. Either way, as soon as you flick a switch you’ll be blasted with vibrating pleasures that work well for solo play or for adding an extra touch of fun to sex with your partner.

Single use batteries are included and you get an average vibration time of 30 minutes as standard. Who can deny how cool that blue colour looks too??

As a gift under a tenner you really can’t complain with a feather tickler. Whether you’re doing kinky dress-up and need a tickler to complete your outfit this Christmas, or you’re experimenting with tickle-play but don’t want to spend a fortune, then this is an incredible filler to add to a stocking.

It’s ultra-thin so it slips down easily into a stocking, and at 8 inches it’s not too long (it won’t be poking out the top for everyone to see).

From BDSM and bondage exploration to tickling and foreplay enhancement, you’ll be really surprised at just how versatile a cheeky tickler can be.

Jiggle balls are another type of sex toy that many people haven’t used or even heard of. And, quite simply, they’re incredible.

The jiggle or ‘ben wa’ ball is essentially a weighted toy that sits inside the vagina. The small weights in the balls ‘shift’ as you move around, which provides both a pleasurable sensation and a bit of a workout. Yep, seriously, you can orgasm and tone-up at the same time. Okay, maybe not to that extent, but these balls are seriously used as part of a pelvic floor workout regimen.

Don’t go cancelling that gym membership just yet though… the pleasure will no doubt override any workout concertation you aim to have!

If you’ve discussed light bondage with your partner before and are eager to try, then what better place to start than these silky bondage restraints. At nearly 50 inches length these restraints fold way nicely, but have enough length for experimentation without worrying about running out an end to tie.

The soft silky feel should also not be understated… The last thing you want when experimenting with light bondage is to end up with rope burn because you’ve jumped in at the deep end. These restraints are soft, sleek, and compliment a bed headboard nicely… Just saying…

A bumper pack of lube might not be the right gift to stuff into a stocking, but what about changing things up a bit with orgasm balm?

Straight away, it looks a lot more like a gift in comparison to an uninspired lube bottle. The balm is a menthol extract that provides a slight tingling sensation, and you simply have to add a thumb-full to the clitoris before fun commences. What’s not to love!?

What do you get for the anal adventurer in your life? Enter the slimline butt plug. Whether your partner is a stretching pro or you simply want to leave a stocking gift from you to you, the slime BASICS butt plug is a great starter toy that even seasoned stretching veterans can pop-in and wear when doing the chores.

With 4 inches of insertable length and a noticeable 3.2 inches of girth at its widest part, this plug is great for any anal aficionado that needs a plug for regular use.

Another gift that is the perfect size for stocking-dwelling, these nipple suckers are an awesome gift that take nipple pleasuring to the next level.

The silicone suckers have been made to change colour as things start to heat up during foreplay, and they’re only 2 inches in size so don’t get in the way if you’re leaving them on during the main act.

Lube-up and let this toy do the sucking whilst you focus on other areas…

The final stocking filler in this list is another incredible toy for experimenting with BDSM and bondage play.

The riding crop provides a very satisfying ‘thwack’ sound, so don’t be fooled by the less-than-intimidating look. Give the gift of pain and pleasure with a riding crop that is built for couples looking to experiment with light pain play.

At just under 20 inches there’s plenty of room to swing, and a 3 inch circumference on the heart that makes aiming for a certain body part as precise as you need it to be.

Novelty gifts

Sometimes a double-ended dildo isn’t the right type of gift, but you might still be wanting to get someone in your life something with a bit of a naughty-edge.

Enter these often hilarious and never boring novelty adult gifts that you can wrap up and watch the recipient unwrap with a smirk or a smile. Whether you want to use them as stocking fillers or as part of your very own kinky calendar, these gifts are ideal for naughty fun with a bit of a giggle along the way.

Who doesn’t love a kinky card game? The Let’s get naked is exactly what you’d imagine it to be, and as a novelty bit of fun it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Whether you want to play it with a couple or with friends (recommended 2-6 players), this strip tease game is definitely one to liven-up any festive party you might be attending. Maybe not one to play with the family though…

Ah, edible clothing is always an absolute classic. And, what better than these candy nipple tassles? With an adhesive to hold them in place and an incredibly quirky look, you’ll have a laugh, a snack and a bit of naughty fun all at the same time. What’s not to love?

We’ve all heard of the Kama Sutra, but who actually wants to sit there and flick through a book when you’ve got a much more digestible playing card version?

Now you can play snap and learn how to 69 at the same time. With 54 total cards, you’ll never run out of positions to try… also, it gives you something to do if one of the other players is taking too long to shuffle. Chase the a(ss)ce anyone?

The man in your life might always moan about getting underwear as a present. Socks? Boring. Y-fronts? Yawn… Well, give him a reason not to moan about underwear anymore with this hilarious reindeer novelty thong.

With antlers, a furry head, a red nose and a pair of googly eyes, you won’t be calling Rudolph any names this Christmas.. You might be laughing though…

Want to spice up a spag bol? Liven up a lasagna? Perk up a penne? Sorry, I’ll stop now… But who can blame me with this fantastic penis pasta!!

Cooking won’t be a chore with these little beauties to keep you entertained. Simply drop them into boiling water and watch them transform. Not suitable for anyone with a wheat allergy.

Who doesn’t love four in a row? Well, now you can love it even more with this naughty twist on a classic game.

Each counter has a foreplay message written on it. If you’re an expert at connecting those four dots, then be prepared for an evening of foreplay fun to get the night off to a great start.

We all love a new sex position. And most of us wouldn’t say no to a colouring book as a way to de-stress. Well, what could be better than combining the two?

Part kinky novelty and part gift to wind-down, the position of the week colouring book is a really nifty way to show-off your artistry and discover new sex positions in the process.

I’ll be honest, at first glance this just looked like a really cool, modern mug filled with abstract squiggles. Upon closer inspection, you’ll quickly see that those saucy squiggles are hundreds of penis patterns, adorned across your tea-receptacle to give any passer-by a smirk.

Whether you’re looking to liven-up your tea break at home, or make sure that no one in the office ever steals your mug again (who else will have this?), the penis pattern mug is the type of gift that you simply can’t say no to.

Whether you opted for the penis pasta or not, there’s another way for you to spice things up in the kitchen without adding half a bottle of chilli powder to the mix.

These 52 recipes are a mix of dinner, side dishes, appetizers and desserts. And, they’re all based around the ‘foods of love’, or at least though which are considered to be a form of an aphrodisiac. Either way, you’ll cook your way into the good books with these recipes.

Want to celebrate a bit of bush? This pubic hairstyles mug is a tasteful look at various pubic stylings, all neatly aligned on your mug which is bound to leave a smile on your face after each sip.

It’s also the perfect size to store in the bottom of a stocking… you could even get it as a secret santa if you feel your recipient would get the joke…


It can be really hard (pun intended) to find unique gifts for your partner, especially if they’ve already got the majority of things that you’d otherwise look to get them. Well, luckily we’re here to save the day with ten of the best Christmas gifts for couples.

You could put your own box of sex toy delights together, make these as part of a kinky hamper, or even do your own naughty twelve days of Christmas with a toy each day. Let’s have a look.

This whopping 20 piece bondage kit is an incredible gift for any couple looking to spice things up over the festive period. Bondage can be one of those things where it’s difficult to know where to start, so why not go about things the right way with a kit that literally has everything you need to get going.

We’re talking a flogger, ball gag, restraints, beginners anal toys and loads more. Have a look at it and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

Okay so, calling this a ‘wild weekend’ kit is certainly not a lie on the part of Lovehoney here. There would almost be no point in planning a weekend break away because you’d never leave the hotel room.

Anyway, whether you actually ended up getting dressed and leaving the room or not, there’s no denying that you wouldn’t run out of things to do with this kit. You’ve got rabbit vibrators, anal beads, cock rings, a stroker and loads more. Just remember to stock up on plenty of lube whilst you’re at it…

With a name like ‘bumper booty bundle’ this couples kit caught my attention immediately. And, if you’re an anal fan or want to try it out, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the more popular kits on the Lovehoney site.

You have everything you need to not only start experimnting with anal play, but also have the right equipment for the preparation side too. You’ve got an anal douche and anal toys of various lengths and sizes, great for easing your ass into some butt fun.

Festive pegging anyone? If you’re a fan of pegging your partner, have discussed strap-on play in the past, or even if you’re a regular user and want to save on new additions with a kit, then this selection from Lifelike Lover is a great way to go about things.

You get three incredibly realistic dildos of various sizes and the actual strap-on harness, including the O-rings for you to easily swap-out each dildo (or even add any others you may have got for Christmas).

Not only does this all-red kit look like a Christmas gift, but it will certainly leave any couple full of festive cheer too.

A bit of an introduction into the world of BDSM and a must for any fans of bondage, the kit comes with restraints, nipple clamps, a vibrator and much more. Great for any beginner couples wanting to experiment with new activities after a mulled wine or two.

I’ve included this one because it’s technically still a couples kit as you can use these on your partner whenever you fancy a bit of a break. Looking at how well they’ve been made I’m sure he won’t have any complaints either…

These fleshlights are made with different diameters and ratios which means some are tighter than others, however each provides just as much pleasure as the next.

If your partner has never used a fleshlight or a stroker and you want to give him a gift that seriously leaves him happy, then consider the THRUST full force kit as a gift this Christmas.

If your partner is a fan of Christian Grey or has expressed a desire to give BDSM a go, then the sweet sensations kit is one of the best ways to explore that world.

First of all, let’s just outline how amazing this kit looks in terms of its elegance. The colour of the toys and the packaging itself really does make it look like a gift in its own right. But then you actually open the kit up and, well, that’s when the fun really starts…

Inside you’ll find a mask, massager, sex dice, restraints and more. Hint – pop the film on in the background for some further inspiration…

These types of kits are great because they can be just as fun for solo play as they can when used as a couple. And, what can be truer in that regard than this clitoral pleasure kit?

Inside you’ll find a bunny bullet vibrator, menthol orgasm balm, blindfold and discreet storage case (perfect for hiding this pleasure kit away from festive visitors).

When it comes to the ultimate app-controlled sex toy, it doesn’t get much better than the date night special kit. Here you’ve got both a vibrating dildo and a vibrating cock ring which can be used and controlled in unison via the app.

You also get the option to create your own vibration patterns and pulses to really bring that extra level of fun to date night!

The last kit in this list is the ‘best night ever’ which, looking at what you get in it, certainly would make any night a memorable one.

In terms of what you get, we’re look at a mini stroker, bullet vibrator to be used with the cock ring (or on its own), a vibrating butt plug and mini stroker… yep, this will be one night you won’t be forgetting in a hurry…

For Women

There are certainly no shortages of naughty gifts for women, but where do you start with finding one that they’ll a) love and b) get the most use out of?

Luckily for you, we’ve tested hundreds of sex toys over the space of the last year, and here are the top ten we’d recommend for gifting when it comes to sending a naughty gift.

Love egg vibrators are incredible for many reasons. For me, the main ones are that they’re easy to store (and travel with), and they’re so much more powerful than you would ever initially assume.

This one has 12 different pulsing and vibrating functions, and is wearable with an external remote meaning that you can pop it in and control the vibration from the remote when you’re out and about. I’ll have what she’s having…

What beats a regular dildo? One with a curve? One with a suction cup? Well, how about one with both?

The incredible thing about this dildo is that you whack it on the wall of the bathroom for a bit of a shower fun, and the angle specifically targets your g-spot for intense pleasure… a hot shower and an even hotter session with a curved dildo… yes please!

The great thing about sex toys is that they seem to keep getting more fairly priced, and they often have a lot more functions or options than you’d initially assume. This offering from Lovehoney is a perfect example.

It’s a bullet vibrator under $40/£40 with a whopping 20 pulsing and vibrating settings. You get a really sleek looking discreet bag to store it in, and it’s chargeable via a USB so no more spending a fortune on AAA’s every time you nip down to the shops. Also, you won’t need to ask for batteries for Christmas now either…

A clitoral stimulator or clit sucker is an incredible toy, especially if you’ve never used anything like it before.

Essentially, the toy provides a ‘pulsing’ combined with a ‘sucking’ sensation, specifically targeting the clitoris. Even from that short explanation, it’s easy to see just how orrgasmic this toy really is.

If you really want to transform the toy collection of a female in your life, then you know what gift to get them this Christmas…

Whether you’ve heard of a magic wand or not (and no we’re not talking Harry Potter), it’s worth reiterating just how incredible they are.

YUes they’re bulky, powerful and not cheap… but it’s hardly a downside when you consider the number of incredible orgasms that a Magic Wand can provide.

It’s rechargeable, has four speeds with four different vibration patterns, and can even be used as you’re charging it (so there’s no downtime to the fun that can be had).

A Magic Wand belongs in any woman’s toy box, so treat a loved one to the gift of magic this Christmas.

This one is certainly as unique as adult gifts get. Whilst I’ve already mentioned the We-Vibe app toy for couples, you can also get ones for solo play and, well, just look at how incredible these are.

Kegel balls are a lesser-known toy that provide both a pelvic floor workout session and pleasure at the same time. And, with the app, you can choose from 10 incredible patterns of vibration to really ramp-up the pleasure levels.

It’s quirky and not the type of sex toy that anyone would get bored of in a hurry.

If you’re not the jealous type then you should definitely opt for an ultra-realistic dildo as a gift this Christmas. And, what better than the girthy (8 and a half inches!!) member from the aptly named King Cock.

Not only is it realistic with a flesh-like touch and lifelike veins, but it’s also got a suction cup so that you can take your favourite toy with you into the bath or shower.

You could even give the gift of a pretend threesome and double-up with this toy. What a gift!

This tiny bullet vibrator is great as both a stocking filler and as a main present. Why? It’s small and packs a serious punch when it comes to the level of targeted vibration it offers.

The bunny ears look after the clitoris perfectly, whilst the sleek body of the bullet doesn’t slip about the place even at the moment of climax. Christmas is sorted with this one.

This 4 inch butt plug feels as good as it looks. If the woman in your life loves a bit of anal fun then why not treat her to a butt plug that looks as good in as it does out.

Wear it round the house, when you’re out, or during intercourse to provide continual stimulation.

What’s better than a vibrator? An eco-friendly one! This toy is the love child of two premium sex toy brands, and it looks as good as it feels (making this the perfect first vibrator gift).

With 4 vibration speeds and 7 patterns, you’re not likely to run out of the will to use it any time soon either.

Guilt-free orgasms are coming this Christmas.

For Men

If you’re a man looking to treat yourself to a sex toy or three this Christmas then this section is for you. Also if your partner or friend is a man and you’re stuck on what to get them, then hopefully the below products will help.

I’ve tried to make it not too seedy, not too expensive, and very in-keeping with the Christmas gift theme. Let’s jump right in.

Kicking off this list of male Christmas gifts is the masturabtor from TENGA. Even at a first glance it’s pretty obvious to see just how luxurious this toy is. With a revolutionary design, it’s essentially a fleshlight that opens like a novel, so you slip in your member and get the exact settings that you need, at a level of intensity and tightness that works for your penis specifically.

How good of a gift is that??
The vacuum sensation offers the perfect suction, and as the toy opens-up it can be used as when you’re either fully erect or completely flaccid. So, whether you’re warming-up or ready to climax, there’s always fun to be had.

A prostate massager is the type of toy that many men don’t consider, but once they do, they realise just how incredible it actually is. As the G-Spot for men is tucked away, well, ‘up there’, it takes a certain type of toy to stimulate it to the fullest extent. Enter the vibrating prostate massager.

With 20 different functions, a standard butt plug shape, and a modern-looking overall design, this really is the type of gift that will leave the recipient smiling all year round.

What do you get for the man who has everything? Or, what do you get for the man just looking to start his sex toy collection? The ultimate performance sex toy kit of course! In this collection you’re looking at a stroker, a premium cock ring, a penis pump and a butt plug.

The penis pump in particular is an incredible toy, and can be doubled-up with the toys in the rest of the kit for an absolutely orgasmic (literally) experience.

Kicking off this kit as a perfectly-placed prostate massager. Next to that you have the mini stroker, great for anyone looking to experiment but not commit to a full-priced singular stroker that isn’t as part of a kit.

You also get the mix and match cock rings, a penis extender (my personal favourite) and a bullet vibrator to ramp-up the intensity alongside any of the other toys you intend on using. Perfect!

If your partner is having trouble with the intense vacuum sounds of a standard male masturbator, then why not gift them a silent, premium version instead?

This incredible male masturbator from Arcwave boasts 8 itensities, a silent feature to tone-down the whirring, and even a discreet hold-all so that you can get the toy tucked-away safely.

As far as serious sex toy gifts go, you can’t get much better than this.

What’s better than a fleshlight or an anal masturbator? How about two of the best toy combined into one realistic looking unit? Enter the Alana ribbed masturabtor.

This toy is life-sized and has a ribbed vagina and tight anus, mimicking the realistic sizes with an overly realistic feel. It even comes with dress and underwear size guidelines so that you can dress Alana to impress before pulling that underwear to one side for your Christmas treat…

If you’re not the jealous type then you should definitely opt for an ultra-realistic dildo as a gift this Christmas. And, what better than the girthy (8 and a half inches!!) member from the aptly named King Cock.

Not only is it realistic with a flesh-like touch and lifelike veins, but it’s also got a suction cup so that you can take your favourite toy with you into the bath or shower.

You could even give the gift of a pretend threesome and double-up with this toy. What a gift!

Not only is this an incredible male masturbator, but it also looks amazing as a gift too. The egg from TENGA is a surprisingly versatile toy that stretches up to a whopping 12 inches, meaning that you can stretch it over your penis for intense pleasure or simply use it to tease the tip.

With the ‘egg’ shape you can be as stretchy or tip-intense with this toy as you please… what an amazing Christmas gift!

For premium penis pumping pleasure, look no further than the HYDROMAX7 from Bathmate.

The pump is almost-shockingly 250 times more powerful than a typical air pump, meaning that the level of pumping and sucking action that you get from this toy is second-to-none.

A water pump that provides intense pressure and pleasure, this is an incredible toy that should be gifted to the person in your life with a penis who is ready for some serious intensity.

Okay, last-up on the list is this out-of-this-world cock ring x butt plug combination toy.

The toy fits snugly around the base of the penis, with the plug slotting snugly up the anus, all ready for intense vibration pleasure. You’re truly at the mercy of the person with the remote! Whether that’s you or your partner, you’re in for some intense pleasure with this toy.

Control intensity with ease and slip into a world of double-fun with the galactic remote.

Questions we get asked about sex toy/adult gifts 


What’s a normal amount to spend? 

This completely depends on the type of toy that you’re looking to buy. Stocking fillers may cost anywhere between 5-20 dollars or pounds whereas larger toys with more parts or features many naturally cost much more. 


Is it appropriate for me to buy my friend a vibrator for Christmas? 

If you know that your friend has been hoping for a saucy Christmas, then by all means get them a toy that they’re going to get use out of. Might not be the most appropriate secret santa gift though… 


What is a good gift that is both funny and sexy? 

The toys and gifts in the stocking filler section fall under the funny and sexy category. Take a look for yourself to see what I mean! 


Does a dildo count as a Christmas present? 

If the recipient will use one, then yes it absolutely does! And just from ur guide alone there’s certainly no shortage of dildos or vibrators to choose from. 


Are adult advent calendars worth the money? 

I’ve made no illusion as part of the Lovehoney couples calendar review that I was a sceptic to begin with, but I’d say that based on the sheer number of toys you get in the calendars and the money that you save when compared to buying the toys separately, then yes they’re absolutely worth buying if you want to use the toys within (and would be buying them separately anyway). 



There you have it, the complete guide to adult gifts and sexy treats for this Christmas. Be sure to keep checking back in on this guide as we inevitably add more and more of our favourites. Make it a Christmas to remember with a knky gift or a naughty treat!


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