How to Get Bad Smells Off Your Sex Toy (Cleaning Guide)

We’ve all been there… 

You have a shiny new toy that you are eager to try, you use it a few times, and everything is going well. Until that smell hits… 

It is the kind of smell that will surely put anyone off, but you don’t want to throw it away! So how do you get rid of that stench?

Why Does My Sex Toy Smell? 

Well, to put it bluntly, some sex toys, such as dildos, butt plugs, anal beads or vibrators, are designed to go into some holes that may be slightly dirtier than others. 

So over time, if you are not cleaning them correctly, it can lead to your sex toy developing a foul smell and taste. 

There is no clinically proven “proper” method to eliminate those unpleasant smells.

Remember that if you want to safely clean silicone dildos, you shouldn’t shatter, tear, or cut the silicone, as this will create a pocket for the odours and other elements to settle in.

If the silicone toy is in danger of damage, toss it away immediately; you don’t want a dry excrement-filled toy in your body.

10 Best Ways to Clean Your Sex Toy

1. Make sure it's clean in there

A thorough enema can help avoid unwanted residue, but it won’t permanently eliminate the odour. It is also a good idea to sanitise the toy afterwards with soap and warm water.

2. Think wisely and avoid stinky situations

Put a condom on your silicone sex device before inserting it somewhere the sun does not shine!

3. Use a Sex Toy Cleaner

The most obvious answer is to use a specialist sex toy cleaner. These have been specifically formulated to clean your sex toy, are antibacterial and safe to use in intimate areas.

4. Baking Powder

After soaking for 1-2 hours, a solution of water and baking powder can be used to remove the odours. After that, thoroughly rinse and dry your sex toy.

5. Boil it

This is a bit unconventional, but adding vinegar to water and boiling the toy in a pan will eliminate odours. Do not heat pure vinegar; only try this method if the toy is made entirely of silicone and contains no other materials. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations beforehand.

6. Cheap Conditioner

Spreading a cheap conditioner all over the silicone toy can help eliminate the scent. Simply place it somewhere unassuming to dry.

7. Get the Soap Out

 After thoroughly cleaning with warm water and soap (make sure you get a soap that is friendly to intimate areas). Dry your sex toy, then rub it with soap and let it sit for a few hours, ideally in the warm sun. Repeat as needed.

8. Place it to bake in the sun

Sometimes, the most straightforward answer is the best. Place the toy near a window or terrace for a few hours if it’s too hot outside. The foul smell will vanish.

9. Coconut Oil

The oil not only creates an excellent safe lube but can also help remove unwanted fragrances. As before, after 1-2 hours, wash it with water and soap and set it aside to dry.

10. Soak in Vinegar

Soak it in room-temperature vinegar for 30 minutes. The vinegar has a powerful odour that can mask other scents. But thoroughly clean it with soap and water before letting it air dry. Nobody wants a hole that smells like vinegar!

Don't Put it Away

This should go without saying, but if you have a smelly sex toy, don’t put it in a drawer! The smell will strengthen its grip, making it more difficult to remove. It may also be hazardous if faecal debris is still present.

The Dangers of Using a Dirty Sex Toy 

Several sex toys are much more easily cleaned than others. Non-porous toys, such as glass butt plugs and stainless steel dildos don’t collect fluids and are simple to clean with soap and water. 

Porous sex devices, on the other hand, such as fleshlights and cock rings, are softer and more elastic, so they have tiny pores that can absorb almost anything, including harmful germs.

Sex toys can degrade over time if not correctly cleaned, becoming less effective and less pleasurable.

To make things worse, you might not notice the smell right away — and the idea of using a filthy sex toy and reintroducing the same bacteria into your body over and over isn’t particularly sexy! 

If you share sex toys with a partner and don’t clean them, you could be in danger of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HPV or hepatitis infections, which can survive outside of the body over several days at room temperature.

When sharing sex toys with a companion, always use a condom and never partake in orifice-to-orifice fun with a sex toy that isn’t clean and protected!

How Often Should You Clean Your Sex Toy?

Cleaning your sex toys should be done the bare minimum before and after each use. Even if you don’t use your sex devices very often, consider washing them once a month at the very least to maintain a clean, refreshed, and ready-to-use toy.

Ultimately, there isn’t such a thing as being too clean when it comes to sex toys, so if you want to be confident that they’re squeaky clean, go ahead and do a double cleanse.

How Should You Store Your Sex Toys? 

Some sex toys include a storage bag or box when you purchase them. But if you don’t have access to those, you should buy a silk case to protect your toy from dust, contamination, and damage.

To eliminate bacteria/fungus growth, ensure your toy is clean and fully dry before storing it. Your sex devices should also be kept away from direct sunlight and humidity. 

So, if you store your toys in the bathroom, reconsider your organisation because the moist, open environment will only amplify any odours or bacteria on your toys.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, this has given you some helpful tips on how to successfully get rid of those pesky odours and bacteria from your sex toys and how to maintain them so they will last you for a long time! 

Remember! Clean your sex toys regularly and throw them away if they tear or break!


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