The 10 Best Sex Toys For Seniors (2023 Guide)

Should seniors be choosing specific sex toys over others? 

As you get older, the appeal and pleasure of sex by no means diminishes, in fact if anything, the benefits are to be appreciated even more!

The way you may treat sex could change, as you have to gradually adapt to bodies which are no longer quite the same as your younger selves.

Men may experience issues with erectile dysfunction as a result of health complications and lower levels of testosterone, as well as issues with their prostate health. 

Women will have at some point gone the menopause, which can result in a whole host of physiological and mental changes! Sex may become more painful, sexual desire can decrease, and lower levels of natural lubrication will be produced.

None of these bodily changes mean that sex should be abandoned though – just that a helping hand might be appreciated!

Whether that’s a little more lube to help things go a little smoother, or adding stimulation to help with maintaining a stiff erection, there are a whole host of sex toys that can help to keep sex enjoyable and fresh.

Best For Beginners

Rechargeable Pretty In Pink Bullet

Best Challenge

My 1st Anal Explorer Kit

Best Overall

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

The 10 Best Sex Toys For Older Couples & Seniors

Wands are just about the most versatile sex toy that exists!

Not only can they be used as vibrators for sexual stimulation, but they can also be used as massage tools for the whole body! Whether you want an ultra-sensual pleasurable foreplay session or just really want to tackle some knots in your muscles, this is your solution.

This particular option is rechargeable, so you don’t need to worry about annoying cables, and it has four different speeds with four different vibrating patterns, more than enough for all of your needs.

The dildo is, for many people, their first sex toy. Again, they’re incredibly versatile, often quite affordable,  and simple to use and look after.

This option from Lovehoney is a classic – gently curved to help reach any special spots, and at 7 inches, well-sized without being intimidating. It’s silicone, so should be used with lots of water-based lube to make sure it glides in and out with ease.

It has a suction cup, which means that you can stick it to a surface, and go hands-free, should you so desire!

As guys get older, it can take just that little extra something to help them stay sexually aroused. A vibrating cock ring might just be that extra something!

They’re very simple to operate – simply slide it up to the base of your penis, and turn it on! This option has five different speeds and two vibration patterns, which should be more than enough choice. It’s rechargeable via a USB cable, so no need to worry about batteries!

A good lubricant is essential no matter your age, but especially so as you grow older. Your skin might be a little more sensitive, and if you’re a woman, you’ll be producing less natural lubrication.

This great option by Lovehoney is water-based, making it compatible with most sex toys, and strawberry flavoured, if you needed any encouragement to get your mouth involved!

It’s affordable as well, so if you don’t like the flavour, no worries, you can just try a new one!

As women get older, slightly more subtle approaches to sexual stimulation might be appreciated!

This clitoral stimulator offers just that; it combines gentle suction with six different intensities of pulsating waves, for the ultimate clitoral sensations.

It’s rechargeable via USB, so no need to worry about cables or batteries, and it can be used underwater if you fancy unwinding in a nice warm bath!

As always, be sure to use plenty of water-based lube to ensure that your experience is as pleasurable as possible. You can also check out my full review for more information on this incredible vibrator. 

Vibrators are another absolutely classic sex toy, and can deliver incredible amounts of pleasure.

This little bullet vibrator by Lovehoney is a great choice, offering 3 different speeds and 17 different vibrating patterns in a sleek little package. It’s very small, which makes it ideal for sex toy beginners, and also great for travelling with.

It’s also waterproof, and recharges via USB, providing for safe and easy usage. For the price, we think it’s a bargain, and a great way to introduce yourself to vibrating sex toys!

Whether you’re new to anal sex or just looking for a helping hand, this anal sex toy kit could bring you heaps of fun!

It comes with an anal douche to help clean things out before you get started, a prostate massager which can be great for older men’s prostate health, a set of anal beads, and two different butt plugs.

They’re all made from hypoallergenic silicone, so be sure to use lots of water-based lubricant to keep things smooth and safe!

No matter your age, you sometimes just need that extra helping hand to try out and properly enjoy new sex positions.

This wedge, made from soft yet supportive champagne foam, can offer you just the support you need. It’s shaped at a 27-degree angle, allowing for a variety of fun and explorative positions!

The cover is removable for when you want to wash it, and each time you do so it’ll get a little softer and more comfortable. The dimensions are 24 x 14 x 7 inches, and it really is a massive help, allowing you to focus on the sex, not holding yourself in some uncomfortable position! 

I’ve also done a full Liberator Sex Position Wedge review if you’re looking to learn more about this one!

Sometimes, you just want something a little bigger than a bullet vibrator, and that’s where this piece of kit comes in.

At 6 inches, it’s pretty much the perfect size, providing stimulation without being intimidating. It has three different speeds and four vibrating patterns to choose between, all operated with the use of a single push-button.

It’s fully waterproof, and for under twenty dollars, I have to say that this might be the biggest bargain on this list of reviews!


To top things off, we have this lovely card game, complete with 96 different cards and a die. It’s a great way to spice things up a little bit, and can really help you if you’re in need of some inspiration.

There are three different categories to choose between, with cards giving instructions like ‘French kiss your partner’ or ‘play doctor and nurse’, it will provide you with near endless evenings of fun and inspiration.

How to choose the right sex toy as you age 

Spice things up

Regardless of bodily changes, it’s always a good idea to spice up your sex life, especially with so much experience under your belt! It’s never too late to start experimenting with new toys and games, which can give a new lease of life to one of the most fun things to do in the world, sex.

It’s entirely natural that if you’ve been with your partner for decades, raised children together, and spent most of your life in one another’s company, that you might lose some of your interest in sex. Sex toys can help you regain that passion from the early days, help bring you closer together and spark some much-needed intimacy!

It can help bring about a new confidence in your abilities and make you proud of your body once more.

Sexual pleasure doesn’t have to be achieved with a partner! If you’re more comfortable masturbating alone, that’s totally fine as well, and there are a number of ways you can make the experience more enjoyable.

Masturbation may lead you to realise that you’re ready to get back out there again, ready to meet someone new – you’re never too old to start dating, and there are plenty of seniors who want to meet their new special person! 


Give it time

As with everything new, it might take a while to warm to whatever sex toys you choose. Before you decide that it’s definitely not for you, try it out at least four or five times, giving it your best go to get the hang of it. That doesn’t mean you should endure any discomfort – if things get painful, stop right away, just that if you’re not quite feeling it, you should at least hang in for a little while. 

Remember that a lot of sex toys will feel quite uncomfortable without lube – make sure that you’re using plenty, and using the right type!

Water-based lubes tend to be the most universally compatible, but check with the instructions that come with your toy to make sure you’re using the correct lubricant. 

There are even specific lubes like the those in our fisting lube guide, so be sure to choose the correct type for your specific choice of toy. 

If you like this guide you may also enjoy this breakdown on how to naturally maintain an erection without toys or medical aids. 


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