The Complete Silicone Lube Buyers Guide

What’s the deal with silicone lubes? 

Well, let’s backtrack a bit… What’s the deal with the different types of lube in general? Whilst this isn’t a breakdown of different lube types as a complete guide, is it important to note that different lubes do different things. Or, more importantly, they serve a specific purpose based on the type of intercourse or sexual activity you’re engaging in. 

For example, there are numbing lubes for anal fisting and flavored lubes to make your oral experiences….well… tastier! But, exactly what are silicone lubes used for? 

Well, the main reason is that more traditional lubes can cause issues for anyone who has sensitive skin, or may be prone to reactions from even common (and safe) chemicals encountering their private parts. Lube made from silicone is hypoallergenic, meaning that you’re much less likely to experience levels of discomfort if you have sensitive skin or a history of reacting to more ‘traditional’ lube types. 

Anyway, let’s get into ten of the best silicone lube types and why they’re on this list. I’ve also included a detailed guide at the end of this breakdown which details what beginners new to buying silicone lube need to be aware of. 

Best For Beginners

ID Lubricants Assorted Travel Pack (5 x 0.4 fl oz)

Best Challenge

pjur Original Silicone Lubricant 3.4 fl oz

Best Overall

Doc Johnson Mood Sensation Lubricants (5 x 1.0 fl. oz Pack)

My Ten Favourite Silicone Lubes

Are you a Silver Fox looking to lather up your prey? Well, look no further! The Sliquid Luxury Silicone Lube is a perfect vegan-friendly slippery delight that will have you both screaming like foxes in the middle of the night.

This lubricant enhances your natural scent with its balanced blend of being hypoallergenic, scent-free and non-toxic. This waterproof silicone lube will act like a slippery bridge to unlock both of your pleasure zones and makes for a great massage oil to rub into your lover’s body and get them howling for more!

“Knock, Knock, Knocking on Your Back Door!” This pjur anal lube will have your lover’s back door swinging wide open as you apply and slip inside. No more struggling to find the magic key to unlocking a whirlwind of pleasure with this lubes long-lasting formula; now, you and your lover can come and go as you please without drying out!

A soothed sphincter is a happy sphincter, so by squeezing a small amount around and into the anus, you can create a soothing, erotic effect that will have your lover gasping for more.

“You get a lube sachet, you get a lube sachet, and YOU get a lube sachet!” Feel like Oprah giving away special surprises with these Natural Sliquid Lubricant Sachets. With twelve in a pack, you can be sure all participants are lubed and ready for an overnighter and with its six tricks, you can be sure to please everybody in the room. Or, if you are looking to have some slippery fun abroad, these sachets are also perfect for the avid traveler.

With some water-based, silicone, water-based specifically for anal and two that have flavouring to them, you can be sure to have long-lasting euphoria no matter who you are with or where you are in the world!

Why just have one lube when you can have five? These Doc Johnson mood sensations are created to give you variety because why should you settle for the same old lube every time? How about you switch it up a bit, with one for every type of horny mood you are in? You can’t go wrong!

The Warming lube – Get all your and your lover’s parts heated up and ready to explode.

Tingling lube – This will have you both teased and tingled in no time and ready for a long night of passion.

Water-based – This is the perfect lube to keep your natural sexual scents but gives you hours of slippery fun without worrying about dryness.

Sensitive lube – Some of us have a little more sensitive skin than others but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. With this very gentle lubricant, your skin will feel protected and wet as you glide your bodies together wherever and whenever you want.

Silicone – This will give you that extra slip of delight, making this lube extremely versatile and usable on not just bodies but toys and clothing too.

Get locked and loaded with this Gun Oil Lubricant! Never again will you miss fire or draw a blank because, with this lube, you can guarantee to be cocked and ready anytime, anywhere. This oil is designed to be condom-safe to make your gun even safer, so there is no chance of sharing your bullets with anyone you don’t intend to! 

With its ultra-concentrated mixture, this gun oil is made to last, keeping your pistol well-lubricated and giving your lover the thrill of their lives all night long. Just a few drops will have you oiled up for hours without concern of drying out or breaking down.

Ah, the Millennium, when you still had brick-sized phones and dial-up internet, and although those classics have disappeared under the test of time, the ID Millennium Lubricant didn’t! It’s evolved and enhanced to have you and your lover saying,” Oops, I…Did it Again!” and again, and well…again, because with its highly concentrated, odor-free formula, this lube is designed to keep you going and going without drying out!

This Millenium Lubricant is not only great for sex, but it is also brilliant for massages, sex toys and latex clothing, so never again will you have to struggle to get that very tight cat-suit on and off.

Who doesn’t like the sensual feeling of silk brushing against their skin? Well, now you can have that feeling all over and during sex with this Sliquid Organic Silk Hybrid Lubricant. Made with purpose, this naturally aloe-based and botanically formulated lube is designed with you, your lover and both your bodies in mind.

Created with sunflower seed oil, green tea and other creamy natural ingredients, the Silk Hybrid lube is designed to calm sensitive skin, giving you a naturally silky barrier during sex and whilst having mind-blowing massages. With its 12% silicone blend, you will be treated with a velvet experience like no other!

You’ve packed your sunglasses and swimwear, but don’t forget the lube! These Assorted Travel Pack Lubricants are the perfect addition to any holiday and the right size to fit inside any suitcase. There is a lube for every occasion, from flavored to silicone to even sensation-filled lube, you will not only be spoilt for choice, but you will never get tired of using the same lube again!

What makes them even better is that all these lubes are condom compatible, so you will not have any holiday surprises when you get home; you can have safe sex and glide happily all at the same time.

Why waste your time trying to find lubes that do different things when you can purchase this All-in-One bad boy? The System JO Silicone Lubricant is made for those who don’t want to be searching forever to have a variety of lube options. You get a sensual massage and the ultimate glide experience in one bottle; what more do you want?

With it being fragrance-free, you can enjoy each other’s sexual scents without being interrupted or taken out of the fantasy by an obnoxious flavour or smell. With the non-sticky, silicone-based formula, you and your partner can be at it like rabbits and will not have to stop because of dryness at any time.

This German-designed lubricant has been made with durability, functionality and practicality all in mind, giving you the ultimate Original Silicone Lube. If you are looking for a lubricant that will do exactly what it says on the tin, this is the bottle for you!

Made with a super-concentrated, silicone-based formula, this condom and latex-safe lube is also waterproof, so now you can have sex anywhere (even in the shower!). You are guaranteed to be as wet as an otter’s pocket without possibly drying out and having your wet-fantasy broken.

How to Use Silicone Lubes? 

Silicone-Based Lubes come in different shapes and sizes and tend to achieve different things, from vaginal dryness aids to flavored

 lube for oral play. Whatever it is for, these silicone lubes have you covered, literally! 

You can use lube not just on your body but also on other things. For example, you can use them on:

  • Condoms – to give extra lubricant for penetration or getting the condom on.
  • Sex toys – to help get them inside you comfortably and without hassle.
  • Clothing – if you have any fetish clothing like restrictive pants or bodysuits, you may need the helping hand of silicone lube to help get them on and off.


Prices vary depending on what sized lubricant and what they offer. For example, the pjur Original Silicone Lubricant 3.4 fl oz is priced at $36.99, whereas the Sliquid Organics Natural Silk Hybrid Lubricant 4.2 fl oz is only priced at $17.99. This can be due to various reasons, from the sizing of the bottle to ingredients and features. Some may have tingling abilities whilst others may be more naturally sustainable, which affects the pricing. 

You are also paying for the longevity of the lubricant product, so usually, the bigger the bottle or, the better the ingredients, the higher the price, but the longer it will last.


Just make sure to keep your lubricant products clean of debris or dust, as this can contaminate the contents. If you are using a lubricant on your used toys, wipe the lubricant off so that you are not spreading any bacteria from one toy to another.


It is crucial with lubricant products to ensure you are storing them correctly. This storage includes:

  • Make sure the lid or seals are on perfectly,
  • The primary packaging isn’t damaged or has any holes,
  • Please keep them in a cool, dry place so they last longer,
  • Once opened, you use them before the Best Before Date.

Recommended For 

Silicone Lubricant is recommended for anyone looking to lather up their sexy time! Whether that is anally, vaginally or external pleasure, silicone lubricant is built to give you a more extended time to have fun without running the risk of drying out or hurting one another. 

This is what Psycho c. said about the Gun Oil Personal Silicone Lubricant 4.0 fl oz “Best silicone lube I used. It is very easy to clean using some soap and water and comes off pretty easily. Long lasting and nice sensation, and the best part is that it can be used in the shower with great efficiency.”


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